Stripe Sweatshirt Dress + Coffee Club

Dress - similar here  //  Jacket  //  Shoes

Happy Friday, friends!! This fun sweatshirt dress was a fun, recent find. I adore anything stripped, so it was an obvious yes when I noticed how lightweight it was. It is a perfect, casual Spring dress and a layered denim jacket and slip on sneakers help complete the look! I wore it last weekend and you will probably see me in it again this weekend! 

Coffee Club - I am up way too late tonight working on blog stuff, so my apologies, this week's coffee club is going to be short and sweet. But keep those questions coming - I love to hear from all of you!

1. Jeff Lewis Event - This story got a lot of love from you guys! I have a lot of fellow Jeff Lewis fans!! I am going to a fundraiser here in Omaha that he will be a guest speaker at. If you are interested in joining me, you can get ticket info here. I am going to a patron party the night before and I will have the chance to meet him. I am a total fan girl and can see myself making a total fool of myself...

2. Easter - How is Easter next weekend?!? It has totally snuck up on me. The good news is I hear the Easter Bunny has Amazon Prime too... A lot of you have asked for kids gift ideas - I will share some easy (Prime!) ones next week!

3. Puppies - We have an almost 12 year old dog, Mattie. Mattie was our baby before we had babies. She is somehow still with us despite being run over by Aaron's SUV 4 years ago...separate story for another day ;) The kids ADORE Mattie - if you see my stories, you know that Harper is obsessed with her. I know the time is coming where we are going to have to say goodbye to Mattie - and I dread that day for the kids. Aaron really wants to get them another puppy before she is gone...I kind of want to wait and get one after.....thoughts?!?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!
XO, Brooke

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Spring Reading List

Nothing helps me unwind better at night than reading a book. I have made it a rule to avoid my phone right before bed (which is hard since I use Instagram for the blog...), but I have really found that I fall asleep quicker and really enjoy getting caught up in a good book. For the Spring installment of my book list, I am again including ones that I have recently read and thoroughly enjoyed!

1. The Century Trilogy - This is for sure on of my favorite series of books I have ever read. Fair warning, they are big novels. The series consist of 3 novels: Fall of Giants, Winter World, & Edge of Eternity.  I read them last spring into summer and just started re-reading them! The books follow several families over a couple generations through the various events of history. The families become connect through the various generations. By the end of the third, I was so sad to have this series end! If you love historical fiction, you will LOVE this series.

2. We Were the Lucky Ones - I read this while on vacation at the recommendation of a friend! This book follows a Jewish family before and after WWII - if you love other recent WWII novels, you will love this book. It was inspired by the events of an actual family. The story is told by different perspectives from the different family members - this is one thing that kept me hooked!

3. Ready Player One - This book was another recommendation from a friend, and this is not the type of book I usually choose. It is a futuristic story that, by certain aspects, seems as though it could happen! The characters spend most of their time in a virtual reality competing in a contest. The fun part was Aaron read this along with me!

4. The Girl Who Was Taken - This was a quick thriller that I really enjoyed. The story is about two teenagers who disappeared and one returned, but a mystery surrounds the events around their disappearance and survival. Sometimes I need a good quick, thriller style, read after reading a long novel - this was one of those!

5. The Hopefuls - This book follows a young, DC couple and their political dreams. He becomes an important member of a campaign run, and the story follows the troubles that this campaign puts on their marriage. While this book is not a thriller, it really had me hooked! I am pretty sure I read it in less than a week!
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Blue + White Spring Blouse

Top  //  Jeans  //  Earrings  //  Shoes  //  Bag - similar here

Whether or not the Spring whether decides to show up, I have officially packed away my sweaters and moving my wardrobe into Spring. I will suffer through the cold if the warmer temps don't show up soon! This light-weight stripe top is a fun top for spring. Wear it now with blue or white jeans and then into the summer with denim cut-offs. It is under $30 and an easy way to kick your wardrobe into Spring mode! 
Some additional Spring blouses under $50!!

I hope you all have a great week! As always, than you for stopping by!
XO, Brooke

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Friday Coffee Club + Black & White Loungewear

Sweatshirt  //  Leggings  //  Jacket  //  Shoes

Happy Friday!! Another casual look today - because that is what we all live in, right? These high waisted leggings are a pair I have had for years...I have 2 pairs of them! I discovered this cute stripe sweatshirt while at Target the other day - I think I went for a kids birthday party gift and somehow ended up in the women's clothing section ;)  I love the side lace detail. It is also a great length - not too long, but covers the front and part of the back. 

Coffee Club

1. Denim Jacket - I have gotten lots of questions on my denim jacket. It has a great relaxed fit and is under $70! A denim jacket is a closet staple and the perfect jacket for spring. The trend right now with denim jackets are slightly longer, more relaxed fits. 

2. Leprechaun Visit - I love how excited the kids get for any holiday. They are super excited for "Leprechaun Day" because a mischievous leprechaun visits our house! He does silly things like dye our milk or muffins green and leave green scraps of paper in piles. He has left them little clover necklaces or gold coins - I can't wait to see what he does this year ;)  PS - I never knew he existed until my oldest went to preschool and told me several of her classmates had him come visit their home!

3. St. Patricks Day - Do you celebrate? We have never been big celebrators of St.Patricks Day (no Irish blood in our veins). When I was in college, I pretended I was Irish...but now days, I am pretty low key ;) I love Reuben sandwiches and corned beef + cabbage and try to make this since it is the one time of year I will let myself splurge on corned beef!

4. Easter Gifts - Easter is sneaking up on me! It is so early this year! I have not given it much thought yet and feel like I have been focusing on Elle's first communion which is a couple weeks after. I hope to start thinking about Easter gifts here soon. We are pretty minimal when it comes to our Easter baskets...I will share a post on gift ideas soon. Here is a post from last year!

5. Easter Cards - Every year, I take pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits and send out Easter cards. I hate to break any tradition, but I am finding it hard to find the motivation to get them done this year! I don't have Easter outfits planned yet...but I am worried I will regret it if I don't take them! I went back and looked at the last couple years' posts on our Easter cards. One of my favorite things about having this blog, is all of the photos and documentation I have of the kids and special events! 

Have a great weekend!! XO, Brooke

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Spring Essentials

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Lace Up Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt  //  Jeans  //  Tennis Shoes  //  Bag

I hope you all had a great weekend! We went to a fish fry with several other families Friday night. I love fried fish and beer, so I had a great time. The kids had a blast and we were home early, so it made for a fun night! We had nothing else this weekend, and it felt SO good to relax at home! I have been purging my closet and hope to have some items post on the sale soon!

I got this great lace-up sweatshirt this past week. It looks great with joggers or "dressed-up" a little with jeans. It was such a great price, I contemplated getting it in another color! The lace up trend is going strong - I added some other ones I liked too! I paired it with my classic tennis shoes - I have had these for over 2 years now, and I really don't think they will ever go out of style! They are currently in stock, but always sell out by mid-spring.

I hope you have a great week! As always, thank you for stopping by Blushing Momma!
XO, Brooke

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Friday Coffee Club

Happy Friday!! Another coffee club post today! Answering some more of your questions (keep them coming) and talking about a couple things that have been on my mind.

1. Closet Sale - You may have seen on my Insta Stories, that I am considering doing a closet sale. Thank you to so many of you for voting in my Insta Story poll! I have a lot of gently worn clothes, shoes, and accessories that I have collected and my closet is bursting at the seams despite several recent purges and a move. While I donate A LOT, many of the items are ones you all have voiced interest in and I am trying to figure out the way to share it! I think the easiest way is going to start a "shop blushing momma" Instagram page - is this something you would find easy to shop? Depending how this goes, as well as the interest, I have toyed around with having a local shopping event... Stay tuned!

2. Recipe Resources - This was a very hot topic this week! I can keep sharing our meals if that is something you are all interested in! As far as where I get my recipes, I am a huge cookbook fan! I am such a visual person and find that leafing through recipe books with pictures of the meals is a great way for me to find meals we will like. Bonus, they also serve as kitchen decor! Above are some of my favorites. I also use Pinterest a lot. I will try to be better about sharing the recipe source on my stories!

3. New Shows - We are in a show rut and are in need of recommendations!! We are up to date on GOT, Walking Dead, Homeland, Stranger Things, The Crown, The Killing, Bloodline, Narcos...I know I am missing some. We just started The Looming Tower - Aaron is more into it than I am...probably because I am sitting here blogging while he watches ;) Would love some recommendations!

4. Workout Routine - I get so hot and cold with my workouts. I have been great this past week and really hoping I can keep my motivation strong. Summer is a big motivator to be in shape (bc my 2 recent trips weren't!), but I really love working out for the mental clarity and higher energy aspect. I feel SO much better when I am constantly working out. How do you stay motivated? Would a post on my workout routine be something you are interested in?!

5. Layered Necklace - you are seeing the trend of a layered necklaces everywhere! I bought this one at Nordstroms recently - you can't beat the price! There are other cute layered ones I added above. It is such a cute detail to add to a V neck or t-shirt.
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Hello, I am Brooke...wife + momma to 3! I love coffee, lists, and anything monogrammed. Here you will find fun things that inspire me and I hope you enjoy as well. Thanks for stopping by!! XO


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