Summer Bucket List

Girls Headbands/Bows (Turbans for Tots)
Elle Dress (H&M -similar here)
Hudson (Gap shirt, shorts, shoes)
Harper Romper (Gap - similar here)

How are we half way through summer?!?! While there have been some long days, I feel like it has absolutely flown by -which really is how most of their childhood is, right?! We have had a very busy first half of the summer filled with swimming lessons, Tball, dance and doctors appointments. I am determined to do my best to breath in each last day of this summer break. For this really is a summer break for us. Baby #1 will be starting Kindergarten in the fall...our days of all the babies at home are numbered. I am not quite ready to deal with that yet, so let's suppress those emotions and focus on our task at hand.

We have and continue to be on a mission this summer. A mission to live each day to the fullest and enjoy as many summer experiences as we can while still preserving that oh so important nap time. I really want them to look back on these summer days with joy and full hearts. I refuse to let the difficult things going on in our life prevent us from having fun and doing everything we would normally do...and while I can't prevent Dad's illness from affecting our life, I can ensure that these little babies have the most wonderful summer full of melted ice cream, wet hair and belly laughs to last for days.

The kids and I sat down and talked about all we wanted to do this summer and started our list. Dad had a little input too. Our list is below -remember my older two are 3 and 5, so some of the things on our list are pretty awesome.

1. Water balloon fight - we have had 2 so far this summer. My favorite is when they squeeze the balloon and it explodes in their face!

2. Swim lessons - I love seeing them learn new things. Elle really got the hang of it this summer and her favorite was having tea parties under water -remember those?!

3. Mud Pies - I may need a Xanax before this one. Seriously. I am going to have to keep reminding myself of the fun they will have making these and that it is just dirt that I can hose off.

4. Roast marshmallows - One of their requests. We did this last summer a couple times (they were 4 and 2) and I am so surprised that they both remember this one so well. I still get a chuckle at the thought of Hudson's sticky face and trying to give his Dad a kiss.

5. A parade - We added this one with intentions of watching a parade, and we ended up in one! My parents community had a small parade on the 4th of July and the kids got to ride their motorized tractor and 4 wheeler in the parade -complete with decorations on it. They were the hit of the parade and gave the crowd waves that would rival Miss USA.

6. Sand castles - This one got put on the back burner the first half of the summer with Hudson's broken arm. The last time we were at the park, Elle made Elsa's castle and Hudson affectionately danced as Olaf all over the castle....cue tears.

7. Splash park, sprinklers and pool as often as we can - We are doing a great job with this one. I have been way more nervous with the pool this year having all 3, so have tried to go to the splash park and sprinklers more often. Hudson has been in what we will call an "emotional phase" where he cries whenever he gets splashed in the face. Every. Time. Despite this, he still requests to go to the splash park daily. Idk.

8. Find fairies in our yard - Because everyone has fairies in their yard, Mom. Duh.

9. Collect bugs, frogs, turtles or anything else that does not belong in our house - The kids went through a HUGE roly-poly phase this summer. And they would put grass and water in the jars and create little homes. And BEG us to bring them in the house at night. And wouldn't you know, every morning, those darn roly-polys would not wake up.

10. Eat out of our garden - One of my favorite parts of having a garden is seeing the kids eat straight off the vine. I have yet to bring a strawberry in the house since those chubby fingers snatch them off as soon as they grow.

11. Picnic - Most of the time we go to the park, pool or splash park in the morning, we pack a lunch to have a picnic. 2 reasons. First, they love it. Second (and most important), by the time we get home it is nap time. And I can haul them upstairs for naps!

12. Camp out - This is all on Dad. I have very little desire to camp outside with a 5 and 3 year old. He has yet to do this with them....hint, hint, Dad.

13. Fly a pirate ship - We watch too much Disney Jr. This one was actually pretty easy to do since our swing set is magic and can turn into a pirate ship and Elle has pixie dust.

14. Meet Dad for lunch - It is amazing how much joy this brings them. And I love seeing how excited Aaron gets when we pick him up. I want them to always remember how much fun it was to go downtown to have a special lunch date with Dad.

15. Give Mattie (our dog) a bath outside - I am kind of lazy with this one. The dog groomer is so much easier. But they really want to after seeing some movie where the dog got a bath and then ran all wet and soapy into the house...

16. Love on our Daddy - Oh how they love him and how he loves them. They don't quite understand that Dad is sick, but know his medicine makes him not feel very good sometimes. Their sweet cuddles and kisses give him more strength than they will ever know... Will give you all an update on Aaron in the near future.


  1. I normally binge-read once I find a new blog to follow (as in, I've gone back 5 years...) and I can't wait to see how your blog grows =)

    1. Thanks :) I love to binge-read as well!


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