Hudson 4th Birthday

Just typing the title sounds crazy to me!! I can't believe our little buddy is 4 years old :( Makes me sad, but kinda happy to say goodbye to 3 and its whining and tantrums (hopefully!).

Hudson had 3 requests for his party:
1 - Puppy biscuits on cupcakes for a snack.
2 - A gymnastic party.
3 - Dogs be invited to his party.

I could make 2 of these dreams come true. The third one proved to be a little more difficult as the gymnastics place did not allow dogs. Weird, I know. So next best alternative was a puppy themed party. And what kind of dogs are 3 turned 4 year olds obsessed with?! Paw patrol!!
I tried to keep this party a little lower key than some of my previous parties, but still managed to get in some adorable details. I was able to keep the budget in check too...bonus!

Masks - Ok, these were my favorite part of the party. The kids LOVED them and it was my way to bring dogs to his party ;)
Invites - I am a huge invite person. It sets the tone for the party! Hudson loved these invites.
Goodie Bags - Bone candy, Paw Patrol figurines and lots of stickers!!
Cupcakes - Made his puppy biscuit dream come true with paw print and puppy bone cupcake details.

Our little guy had the best time at his party. Love seeing the joy on his and his friends' faces :)
Now its time to gear up for the 1st birthday coming up for baby sister!!


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