Favorite Finds

1. Felt Hat - At first I was a little intimidated by this trend. But, it covers up my greasy hair and looks pretty cute, so I am on board. I like this particular hat as it is inexpensive and still keeps its shape.

2. Plaid Scarf - Everyone needs a nice oversized plaid scarf for fall. Mine has been perfect for all of our fall outings to the orchard and pumpkin patch.

3. Shirt Dress - Perfect fall dress. I wore mine to the Taylor Swift concert (awesome!) and a school dinner. This is a great dress to carry you from summer to fall.

4. Flannel shirt - I like this flannel shirt as it is thinner than your typical flannel shirt. I think the color and pattern also keeps it a little dressier.

5. Distressed Jeans - A must. My collection of distressed jeans is growing. I like these as they are pretty fitted through the ankle and priced a little lower than most.

6. TOMS Booties - Oh wow. I am in LOVE with these booties. They are perfect for fall and surprisingly comfy!

7. Fringe booties - I need more fringe in my life. These booties add a small amount of fringe without making me feel like I look super bohemian.

8. Stripped Tunic - I probably have at least 10 shirts that are some sort of variation of this shirt. You cannot go wrong with a classic striped shirt. I like the nice detail on the sides and the lower back.

Drum roll...new section on the blog! Favorite Finds will highlight items I am currently obsessing over (which is a lot of things at any given moment). From kids toys to holiday decor to my favorite fashion trends...in this feature you will find it all! Enjoy my favorite fall fashions!



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