Harper Newborn Pics

Photography by Tracy Raver

In honor of our sweet Harper's first birthday on Saturday, I am sharing her newborn pictures. Just looking at these makes me yearn for those sweet newborn cuddles. It is so heartbreakingly beautiful watching them grow. She was the best newborn and was so laid back. I am so glad we chose to capture their newborn days with such sweet pictures. I have a larger newborn picture of each of them framed and the kids love talking about who is who and I love the daily reminder of their precious newborn faces.
Her birth brought so much joy to our family. After Aaron was diagnosed, one of our fears was not being able to have more kids. Finding out we were expecting Harper brought so much joy to our family and gave us the most precious thing to look forward to. When we were expecting Hudson, Elle was too little to understand what was going on. It was so fun having the older 2 understand that they would have a baby sister join our family.
Harper has been the best addition. It brings so much joy to my heart to see her brother and sister play with her, laugh at her, and help her. And while 3 kids can be tough at times, especially when Aaron is sick from treatment, the joy she brings to our life makes any extra amount of work seem insignificant.
We try to soak in every joyful moment...I am not sure if we appreciate these little moments more, because Harper is likely our last baby, or if she is just so darn sweet that it is hard not to love every little thing she does - likely a combo of both ;) Looking at these gives me some serious baby fever...does that ever go away?!
Have a great weekend!
XO, Brooke

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