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You know the book When You Give a Mouse a Cookie? That is how I tend to get with home improvement projects. It starts with one idea or need and then it cascades into a never ending project and I forget why I started it in the first place. And so is how my laundry room got a needed makeover. It started with the need for a couple hooks - wet pool towels on the floor were making me crazy this summer. After finding a set of hooks at Ikea, I decided I better paint the room before hanging them on the walls. After painting, the room needed a decor update.
The makeover itself was pretty minor, but made a big difference. I find the room more bright and happy (as happy as a laundry room can be). This room is upstairs by the kids' bedrooms, so I walk past it every day and am so happy to have the updated look.
Paint color is Accessible Beige from Sherwin Williams. I am limited to warmer colors with my woodwork and tile colors and am happy with how this color turned out. The row of hooks are from Ikea (and solved my problem with wet towels). I love the row of photos by the washing sweet babes smiling at me as I wash their piles and piles of laundry ;) The photo holder was a great find at Home Goods. One of my favorite parts of the update is the hugs and kisses sign and it is from Hobby Lobby.
The small changes really freshened up the laundry room and made it a little bit more of a "fun" place to be. My next project is the playroom update...

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