Christmas Pajamas

My opportunities to put my kids in matching clothes are slipping away as quickly as the kids' ability to pound the juice in their Snackeez (seriously, slow down). I seize as many opportunities to put them in matching outfits as I can. One aspect of their wardrobe that I plan to continue to control for the rest of their lives, is their Christmas pajamas. Matching and personalized (of course) Christmas pajamas hold a special place in my heart. Starting with Elle's first Christmas, I have gotten them special Christmas pajamas and I am in love with this year's flannel pajamas. I think they are my favorite to date! So excited for the kids to wear them on Christmas eve. 
The kids' pajamas are Laura Dare - this brand has the most darling sleep ware and I love that they have boy and girl coordinating pieces. I shared some other ideas that are still available in stores if you are still on the hunt for some!!

Plaid Pajamas  //   Bear Print //   Robe

           //  Teddy Bear //

   Santa         //  Polka Dot  //  Fair Isle


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