Easy & Fun St. Patrick's Day Ideas for the Family

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St.Patrick's Day isn't a huge holiday around our house. I try to keep it pretty low key (shocking, I know!) and easy. Our St.Pats celebrations tend to revolve around two things...a leprechaun visit and food. Ok, and maybe a little decor too ;) It does seem that each year, our celebrations for this holiday become a little bigger (as do most things with kids!!). I am thinking ahead to Thursday and want to keep that little bit of magic around another year while the kids are still so very into it!

Leprechaun Visit
The leprechaun visit has become a big deal...I think the kids trade stories (similar to the elf activities) and they have been talking all week about what that silly leprechaun will do this year. In years past, our leprechaun has simply made a green mess. Now that messy leprechaun was actually very considerate...he used green post-its, torn green paper, and green streamers to "decorate" the breakfast table. Note, he did NOT use glitter, paint, or anything else that requires more than 2 minute clean-up! I am really hoping he is so considerate this year ;) I am thinking something like this cute marshmallow bush would be really fun!

Kids Food

For food for the kids, there are endless cute ideas on Pinterest. I usually pull out the green food coloring and make color their milk and pancakes the morning of. It is fun to make the pancakes into clover shapes. I may take it up a (small) notch this year and add the Lucky Charms and whipped cream :)


One of our favorite St. Patrick's Day traditions is corned beef and cabbage! I can already taste it! Such an easy meal to throw in the crock-pot. I pinned some great recipes!


As far as decor goes, I want to keep it pretty easy for this holiday. Easter being so early this year is one of the reasons I do not want to put up a lot of decorations. I love these easy garlands as a festive, yet simple addition of St.Pats decor.

Hope you got some fun and easy ideas to make you and your family's St.Pats celebration fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
XO, Brooke

Added the video of the kids discovering the mess and breakfast treat the leprechauns left!! They were so excited for their green blueberry muffins and green milk!


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