Harper 1 Year Pictures

Oh my sweet, sweet, baby girl...how did that first year go so fast? With Harper being our third baby, there was this part of me that wondered if her firsts would feel as sweet or if I would cherish each milestone and age, or even notice them as much as I had with the older two. After all, I had experienced these moments twice already, we were busier than ever at home, and just caught up in day to day life. The crazy thing, is I think I absorbed these moments as much, if not slightly more, than the other two. Not that the other two's first years weren't as special or cherished...they were just different. I think that part of it is knowing that Harper is likely our last baby...and that this is likely our last time experiencing some of these wonderful and precious times. And I took the time to really soak those moments in, knowing how very quickly they pass. Harper is also the baby we did not think we would ever be able to have. Aaron's illness cast so many dark times in our life and having Harper was a blessing we didn't dare dream of. Having her has brought so much happiness and joy to our family. And while I am sad for her first year to be done, I am so excited to watch her grow and become a fun little toddler and see what adventures she has in this next year. We love you, Harper Lou!

XO, Brooke

Photos by Tracy Raver

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