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Reading stories is a key element in our bedtime routine with our kids. Not only is it an important part of their nightly routine and winding down, it is also an important tool in their development. There are studies that have proven that reading to children helps with their vocabulary, mental imagery, and literacy. And aside from these mental benefits, I think there are a lot of emotional benefits from this time with them -don't you think? I plan to share our nightly routine soon in a future post.
Today I wanted to share some of our favorite bedtime books. I started thinking of this the other night when I pulled out a book for the older two that, while it was one of my favorites, we hadn't read in quite a while. My heart swelled as they read out loud certain parts by memory. And as we laid there and read our books, it made me appreciate this precious time with them (and say yes to one more book!). Below are some of our favorites. I tried to include a note on why we love each of them - without sounding too much like an Amazon review ;)

Kids Books

When the World is Ready for Bed - This is a sweet book about getting ready for bed and routine - which fits perfectly for a bedtime story. It has beautiful pictures of a bunny family and the kids love seeing what the bunnies are doing in each picture.

Over In the Meadow - This book is an easy read with its fun rhyming verses counting up different animals in the meadow. This is the book the kids remembered the other night :)

On the Night You Were Born - I dare you to get through this book without crying. It is about how the world celebrated you the moment you were born. This particular one I got for each kid and I read to them individually on different occasions. Not too long ago, as I was reading this book to Elle, she told me that one of her friends told her that this book wasn't true and these animals did not really do these things when she was born - talk about breaking my heart!! I explained to her, that to me, in that moment she was born, all of these things happened. And she seemed pretty satisfied with that answer.

Everything I Need to Know by Age Five - This is one of the kids' favorites and has actually been a good tool in teaching them many different concepts (opposites, colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, etc).

The Day the Crayons Quit - This is another one of the kids' favorites. It is a cute story on why each of the crayons quit due to feeling either over or under used. The kids talk about this as they color and don't want their crayons to quit on them, lol.

Alphabet Mystery - This book is not only a fun story about one of the letters disappearing, but also a good way to quiz them on letters as we read.

The Jesus Storybook - We were given this book by a dear friend a couple years ago and it their favorite. The beautiful pictures keep the kids engaged and the bible stories are written at a level the kids can understand. We have several kids bibles, and this is the only one the kids ever want to read. Sometimes I will find Elle just looking through the pictures.

In Case You Ever Wonder  - Another book where I cannot read to them without crying. This is another one I have bought for each of them. I have yet to find a book that does as good of a job summing up what I want them to always know...that they were prayed for, always loved, and I will always be here for them, no matter the circumstance.

Dragons Love Tacos - So I don't love, this book. I enjoy it and don't mind reading it, but don't love it like the others on this list. I included it because the kids LOVE it and find it so hilarious.

Baby Books

Even though I classified these as baby books, there are several on the list that the older two still like to hear me read to them.

Goodnight Moon - This book has such a good rhythm when you read it, I think it sounds soothing. It has beautiful pictures. As they got older, the kids started memorizing the lines and then started making a game out of finding the hidden mouse on each page.

Runaway Bunny - I admit that this is more my favorite than the kids. It has the same beautiful illustrations that Goodnight Moon has. It is a sweet, sweet story of a mother's love and following and supporting her children no matter where they go.

First 100 Words - This has been all 3 babies favorite books. In fact, I just had to order a new one for Harper since ours was so worn. The kids love to look at the bright pictures, and it is a great tool to increase their vocabulary as they get older.

I'll See You in the Morning - This is one of my favorites to read to the babies. It is another book with a nice, rhyming rhythm with a sweet message.

Peek-a-boo I Love You  - Harper is going through a huge peek-a-boo book phase right now. Sandra Magsamen has several of these cute books and this one is my favorite.

Boynton's Greatest Hits - I really think I have every Boyton book memorized... "with a neigh and a moo and a cockadoodledoo, everybody promenade two by two". The older kids still love to read these too.

Peek-a-Who - This is a book I always have in my diaper bag. It is such a simple peek-a-boo rhyming book, but each of the kids have loved it.

Dear Zoo - This is a fun story about trying to find the right pet. The kids love to guess what is wrong with each pet.

Where Is Baby's Belly Button - Another classic that all of my kids have adored. I love seeing Harper search for her belly button as we read it :)

These are our family's favorites to read at bedtime! What are some of your family's favorites?!

XO, Brooke


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