Succulent Garden DIY

Succulents are having a moment right now. Their popularity is easy to understand - they are cute, come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, and they are easy to take care of. Succulent pots work indoors or outdoors and are a great way to add some cute detail to your patio or counter. Making your own succulent pot is very easy!

Plant selection - most greenhouses offer an array of succulents. Keep your pot size in mind when selecting your plants. I am a fan of the odd number rule - so I chose 5 plants. Choosing plants of varying heights, textures, and colors will keep the look of the pot interesting.

Pot - Prepare your pot by adding potting soil. Succulents have very short roots and do not need a very deep pot. Select one that drains well as these plants do not need a lot of water.

Begin arranging your succulents keeping heights and sizes in mind. I used my tallest plant in the back corner to frame the back of the pot. You can take plants out and move them around as needed while arranging.

Once you have the plants arranged the way you want, pack them in adding extra dirt. Make sure the dirt is firmly packed to help with water drainage.

After the dirt is packed, pour small rocks over the soil. The rocks serve two purposes - it helps with water drainage when watering and it helps finish the look of the pot.

Care - Succulents are desert plants and need 3-4 hours of bright light per day. If you are keeping your pot indoors, find a window in your house that will provide plenty of daylight. Succulents do not require as much water as most other container plants. Be careful not to over water and allow time in between your waterings for the soil to dry.

Happy Planting!!
XO, Brooke

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