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Summer break hit us smack in the face on Tuesday. It was Elle's last day of school and we decided to make it a fun pool day. It took packing our pool bag to realize just how much we needed to get for summer. Many of the items are things we get every summer and I have developed my favorites over the years. Today I am sharing some of my summer essentials for kids!

1. Floatie - I love these Swim Way floaties and have used the same type for all 3 kids (I of course had to get them different colors ;). I like that they are relatively thin making them easy to fit in the car. The detachable roof is great for sunny days and the mesh areas are perfect for spreading out toys. Puddle Jumpers are another essential floaty for this summer. Our kids started wearing them around age 2 and I still use for Hudson at age 4. It gives me the piece of mind of a lifejacket, while helping them learn to swim.

2. Popsicles - My kids (and I!) love a cold popsicle on a cold day. I love these popsicle molds as an easy and fun way to make popsicles with fruit juice or water with Crystal Light. I have also used yogurt, smoothies, and blended fruit. Making them is so fun for the kids, and I like knowing I am giving them a slightly healthier option.

3. Camping Chairs - My kids LOVE these camping chairs! We have never actually gone camping, but they use these all the time. I think they love having a kid size option to the adult versions. They will pull then out when we are relaxing in the back yard or sometimes haul them along to a soccer game. Harper even likes climbing in and out of her chair :) I love these PotteryBarn chairs that have the option to personalize.

4. Pool Toys - We buy new pool toys on a yearly basis. Somehow the pool manages to eat all of our pool toys each summer. I love these rings...the kids like to "dive" for them (Elle is the only one who will actually go under the water to fetch them and Hudson just likes to throw them = perfect match) and Harper likes to chew on them. I also stock up on little toys for them to pour water with and splash around in pool.

5. Water Tables - We have had 2 different water tables. Our first one was a larger, rectangular table with a cover. It worked fine, but it was so large, we had to store it outside and, despite the cover, it would often fill with rain water and become gross. I like this table because of its size and activity options. A water table is a great investment (all 3 of my kids still play with our water table), and this one has a very reasonable price!

6. Sidewalk Chalk - Another item we replace every year (you may remember these from my Easter Basket Idea post). My kids are into this thing called "chalk dust". They rub the pieces of chalk back and forth creating the dust. They then scoop the dust up into bowls. Sounds awful and messy, right? It entertains them and keeps them outside, so I am usually okay with it :) But, I want to get lots of chalk for cheap - making this box perfect!

7. Beach towels - I LOVE our personalized beach towels. We have both the hooded option as well as the regular towels. They are both great and I don't really have a preference. I do feel that these Pottery Barn towels have held up very well and not faded as much as some of my other beach towels.

8. Sunblock - Lots and lots and lots of sunblock for my fair babies. I love this Babyganics line of sunblock. It is non-allergenic and tear-free. I use their lotion and sunscreen stick. If you have used round sunscreen sticks in the past, you will find you love these rectangular shaped ones so much more. They cover a larger area and seem to spread better. I use the sticks on the kids' faces where it is sometimes hard to spread the lotion. I then use the lotion on their bodies. They also have a spray option too!

What is on your list of summer essentials?!
XO, Brooke


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