Weekend Recap

Happy May! We were having breakfast Sunday morning (which Aaron has gotten in this awesome/really bad habit of getting us donuts on the weekend), and Elle asked us when May Day was. It took us both a bit to realize that it was that day! Needless to say we had a fun morning of filling up baskets of candy and treats for our friends and neighbors. The kids LOVE to put the baskets on their porches, ring the bell, and RUN! I remember that up until last year, they were both so scared to go up to the doors themselves :) Do you all celebrate May Day?

On Friday night we held our usual movie night. We started this tradition a couple years ago...it gives us all something to look forward to after a long week. We take baths right after dinner (and they find it so crazy that we deviate from the usual bedtime routine) and then bring down the kids sleeping bags down. Aaron makes popcorn and we all vote on a movie (Inside Out won this week). We have had a couple busy Fridays, so it was nice to have a movie night and all relax together. By the way, the kids' sleeping bags are on sale for less than $8!!

Saturday was filled with rain and soccer games were cancelled...so I decided that it was the day to finally update the basement bathroom. We have been slowly updating the house (remember my rant on getting rid of all of the brown?!) and the brown tile in the basement bath had to go. We made a trip to the hardware store and actually found some reasonably priced tile in stock...since it is our basement bathroom and doesn't get a lot of use, I didn't want to get top of the line tile. We (meaning Aaron and my Dad) finished tiling the floor and part of the shower...I will post the final results when they finish!

Since my parents were in town, we were able to sneak away for a quick date night. We ran a couple errands - do any of you love to run errands together on date night? I think I enjoy this more than Aaron...but during the week, I am running errands with the kids and I am so scatter brained and unable to take my time to browse. We then went out to dinner and made it an early night so Aaron could get back to tiling :)

The rain lasted all weekend. We were getting a little stir crazy by this afternoon and went outside to jump in some puddles and deliver our May Day baskets. I am proud to report none of the kids were caught ;)

We finished the day up with some minestrone soup and sandwiches - perfect for this rainy weather!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and here's to a great week!
XO Brooke


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