Denim Darling

Harper Dress - c/o David Bella
Bow - Turbans for Tots
Moccasins - Freshly Picked

We have been calling her our baby girl from day one, but this baby is now officially a toddler. Our Harper has turned 18 months and now a full fledge toddler! She loves trying to keep up with her older brother and sister and gets a huge kick out of anyone chasing her. Along with her fun, curious, and sweet tendencies, come the hints of typical toddlerhood. She is starting to let us know (in a loud way) when something does not please her ;) It is also somewhat funny to see her start to get angry at her siblings. I think since she is our third, we are quite a bit more laid back and sometimes even find her tantrums funny. Her vocabulary is really growing and her favorite words are Elle, ball, Mae-Mae (Mattie our dog), and quack-quack. Harper loves books, animal sounds, and Minnie. And while I cannot imagine her getting any bigger and wish I could freeze time, I am excited to see the fun toddler she will become!
Harper's sweet dress is my favorite for her right now. It is a super soft denim and perfect for summer. Dave Bella has some of the sweetest clothing for boys and girls. Watch for my giveaway with Dave Bella on Instagram!!

xo, Brooke


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