Kids Red, White, and Blue Fun

Elle - Romper
Hudson - Tank, Shorts
Harper - Romper, Moccasins, Headband (c/o Turbans for Tots)

We are so excited for this holiday weekend! Between Aaron traveling and his stay in the hospital, we haven't gotten as much time with him as we would have liked these past couple we are ready to unplug and have FUN! The kids are so excited for "fireworks day" as Hudson calls it. We lit some fireworks off with our neighbors last night and it felt like we were kicking off the holiday! We have started some small, fun traditions the past couple years and I am sharing those below :) I hope they give you some fun ideas to try with your family this weekend!

1. Bike Parade - A lot of neighborhoods and communities have these fun little parades. Last year our kids got to decorate their riding toys with streamers, balloons, and stars and ride them through my parent's neighborhood. It was the highlight of their 4th last year - and while we won't be there for the little parade this year, the kids really want to decorate their bikes. So we will decorate their bikes here and they can put on a mini parade for us :)

2. Cold Treats - While we frequently say yes to small ice pops or dishes of ice cream, we often are telling them no to the shaved ice stands and ice cream man. Not this weekend :) We will find some yummy treats to cool us down. The kids also love making homemade popsicles!

3. Water Balloon Fight - I stocked up on some red, white, and blue water balloons. Have you guys tried those quick-filling balloons? We have whole family water balloon fights and the kids love seeing the adults get so competitive and crazy with each other :)

4. Special Desert - A couple years ago I started making these delicious Berry Crumble Bars and they have become a holiday weekend tradition. I was joking with Aaron that I make these whenever we head out of town because we always have berries we need to use up ;) They are soooo yummy!

5. Face Painting - Like most kids, ours love to get their face painted. They think it is so fun and we do not take them anywhere for this! I pull out my make up kit and use my lipstick and Halloween make up to create red, white, and blue designs on their faces.

6. Coordinating Outfits - This is something I am pretty sure my kids will have to do until the day they move out. As you have likely noticed, I am a huge sucker for holiday outfits and usually start shopping for said holiday outfits a couple months prior to holiday. The thing I love about red, white, and blue outfits, is they are classic summer and you get so much wear out of them!

7. Fireworks - Obvious, right? Since our kids are so little (and I worry/stress about everything) we don't let them do any fireworks other than snaps. They do love watching Aaron light off some smaller ones. Now that Elle is 6 and Hudson is 4, we have started letting them stay up late to watch some of the firework displays - and they think they are so cool getting to sit out with the adults.

8. Pool or beach time - Whether it is a plastic pool in your yard, local community pool or beautiful beach, hitting the water is a perfect. What makes it better? Having red, white, and blue swim wear ;)

These are some of our favorite 4th of July traditions...I am looking forward to celebrating these and creating more!

xo, Brooke


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