Weekend Recap & Update

Summer is in full swing at our house!! We are are loving our laid back days and spending a lot of time at the pool. This weekend was crazy hot and it resulted in us trying to spend most of the daytime hours indoors and out of the heat!

Friday the kids and I hit the pool early in the morning and had a relaxing afternoon at home. We got new carpet (sharing the details soon!) and the kids LOVED playing around on the extra pad - they are going to be so disappointed when they discover Dad put it out in the trash! Amazing how some rolled up foam serves as a house, restaurant, and puppy cage ;)

Hudson had a Tball game Friday night and those poor little guys sure sweat it out during their game! We enjoyed some margaritas with our neighbors (who are also our and our kids' best friends!) and kept the kids up a little too late - but that is what summer is about, right?!

We have gotten in the bad/awesome habit of Aaron getting us donuts every Saturday morning. It started out as this fun treat for the kids and has now turned into something they (and I) expect ;) Harper even recognizes the box!!

Saturday morning we took the kids to the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum. This is a huge museum that houses a lot of old fighter and bomber planes as well as some space memorabilia. Aaron worked at the museum when he was in high school and had a great time playing our tour guide. The kids love exploring the big planes. Harper didn't love the planes as much as she loved her cheerios snack in her stroller ;) And aren't Elle and Harper's matching dresses adorable?! Elle thinks it is soooo fun to match ;)

Saturday night was spent at our friends' beautiful new home. We shared some amazing food and a few too many moscow mules! Do you like moscow mules? I planted mint in our garden this year just for making these drinks ;)

Sunday brought another hot day. The kids had a water balloon fight and played with their splash table. We had dinner with Aaron's family to celebrate his Mom's birthday and then finished the evening at the pool. The kids love it when Aaron is able to come to the pool with us. So often we go during the week and these weekend trips are so much more fun with Dad there - and a whole lot easier for Mom!! I love getting them all pooped from the pool. After baths, books, and prayers, they hit the sheets hard and fall asleep so quick and early!

I also decided it would be a great idea to start another project. Because I am semi-crazy, I wanted to paint our bedroom furniture from brown to grey... I have one dresser down. We will see how long this project takes me. I feel like I am wanting to update everything in my house!! It is almost 10 years old and I just feel like I want to change it all. Anyone else get like this??

This week brings the usual fun. Aaron does not have treatment this week, but is leaving on a guy's trip to Vegas on Thurs...so we will be missing him later in the week. He is going with my Dad, brother-in-law, and sister's boyfriend . I am thinking about taking the kids to KC to see my sister...but not sure I want to make the drive with all 3 kids by myself!

Aaron has been doing well with his treatments. Crazy that he has already completed 6 sessions of chemo. He has a scan this week to help determine if his chemo is working and we will get the results early next week. We pray that this scan shows no further spread - and best case scenario, that the couple spots he had become smaller. Aaron is so strong through these treatments and barely complains. We sure miss him during those treatments though. I pray so hard that he is able to take another break from chemo after 12 treatments! We really appreciate everyone's support. So many of you not only send Aaron well wishes, but also check in on me and the kids - and that means so much!  We will keep you posted once we hear the results of the scan. Pray with us for good results!


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