Playroom Update

Table & Chairs (we spray painted chairs)

Paint color - Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore)

Our playroom update is finally done!! We started the update this past winter when, with the cold temps, we were forced to play indoors everyday and I couldn't take one more day in the room with it's brown accent wall. Yes, the playroom had a brown accent wall - so gross. The playroom is in our basement and off of our family room and bar area. You are able to see into the playroom off of the main area, so I am excited to have an updated view. 

Leading into the playroom are our engineer prints - the kids are wearing their favorite dress up outfits in these pics, and I love the placement by the playroom. We had this toy storage unit, which serves as a focal point when you walk into the room. Above it we placed a photo gallery with prints of inspiring quotes for the kids. One of my favorite new pieces for the room is this beautiful rug. I love the color it brings to the room - a good mix of style and fun.

When I began researching different design ideas for our playroom, I found so many beautiful playrooms on Houzz & Pinterest. And while many of them gave me great inspo for our playroom, I found that many of them were not realistic for our needs. Many of them had very few toys in the rooms and most lacked the big, plastic, kinda gaudy toys that my kids seem to love/collect. These, of course, are the ones I prefer not to see when I look into the playroom - but I want my kids to have easy access to these. To solve this problem, we removed the doors off the closet in the room and added floor to ceiling shelves. To help conceal, I added some sheer white curtains.

While in the process of updating, I did try to clear out some of our infant toys - but I feel like we didn't get rid of a whole lot! Having babies ranging from 18mo to 6 years, we have a wide range of toy needs ;) It was nice to go through all the toys and dig some older ones out for Harper. I will do a post in the future on favorite toys for each age :)

xo, Brooke


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