Treatment update

I am overdue for an update on Aaron's treatment. The summer weeks are flying by and Aaron has already completed 7 of his every other week chemo regimens. If you ask me on a non-chemo week, I will tell you that they have flown by...but this is a chemo week, so it is feeling a little long at the current moment...
As a "refresher", Aaron had a couple lymph nodes light up on a scan back in March - indicating his colon cancer had again returned. He started this therapy in April - a regimen that consists of 3 treatment days every other week. This was a regimen that was previously successful for him, so we had hopes it would work again this time. After completing 6 treatments, they repeated a scan in mid-June. We recently were given the great news - all of his infected areas have shrunk! This means his treatment is working and we are obviously so thankful and happy.
So, what is next? Since his treatment is currently working, he will continue this regimen for a total of 12 treatments. After this, he will have another scan to check on the status of his infected nodes. If they are clear or almost clear of cancer, the plan will be to radiate these nodes in hopes of killing them completely. If there is growth, he will change chemo regimens.
It can be overwhelming to think too far ahead, and I have been battling some anxiety with what this fall will look like for us. While I pray that this treatment continues to work and Aaron is able to take a break from chemo, there is that fear of the cancer returning when he is off treatment.  I know Aaron wants and deserves the break from treatment, so hopefully everything continues to go well!
Aaron continues do remain so well - you would never know he was sick if you saw him. He always tells me on treatment weeks that our family wouldn't make it through this without me running the home...but the truth is, my job would be unimaginably harder if was not as positive or as strong as he has been! We make a good team :)
We have had such a fun summer so far filled with some little trips and fun events. I love knowing the kids will have all these wonderful fun times to remember this summer by - rather than remember Dad being sick or feel that we were held back by his treatments. We have a fun trip to Vail coming up this weekend just the five of us and we are soooo excited for this getaway! The kids are really excited to go on some hikes and explore :) A couple weeks later, we have another trip to a lake in MN with some friends and their kids - something we are all so excited for! It is always so great to have something to look forward to - especially on treatment weeks.
We continue to be beyond grateful for everyone's prayers and support. The messages, texts, kind words, and hugs all mean so very much. Our prayers are working!!
xo, Brooke

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