Costco Buys - Part 2

Hello! I got a lot of good feedback after my first post on my favorite Costco items, so I am sharing some more! My initial post was on Kirkland products you should be buying. This post will focus on the unique food products I buy at Costco on a routine basis.  And by unique, I mean items that are not on everyone's usual Costco list (fruit, veggies, milk, beef) - see my original post on these.

1. Kirkland Applesauce packets - These are a great alternative to the GoGo Squeeze packets. They are the same volume as the GoGo packets and are also organic. They do not come in any additional flavors, but are a much less expensive option and my kids have noticed no difference!

2. Kirkland Organic Pasta Sauce - I wish I had the time and energy to make my own pasta sauce. And while I do enjoy making it on occasion, majority of the time I using a jar of sauce. My whole family enjoys the flavor of the Kirkland sauce and I love that it comes in a 3 pack. While the price is pretty comparable to Prego or Ragu, it is much less expensive than other organic pasta sauces.

3. Seeds of Change Rice & Quinoa packets - Okay, these are a hidden gem. I use them weekly in dishes! Quinoa takes me so long to make and these easy packets microwave in 90 seconds. I add them to beef and broccoli, salads, soup, chicken and veggies mix, or simply serve as a side dish. I may have to do a future post on my meal hacks with these packets!

4. Frozen Salmon - I make salmon a couple times per month, and while I would rather have fresh, it is more expensive than frozen. Costco frozen salmon is the closest frozen salmon I have found to fresh. They come in individually sealed packets which make thawing easier.

5. Kirkland Turkey Breast - A friend recently told me about this. Buying the large turkey breast is a much cheaper alternative to buying it at the deli counter. I recently bought shaved turkey breast at the deli for $11/lb. I was able to buy a 1.5lb turkey breast for $12 at Costco. I also think the larger breast stays fresh a little longer than the shaved meat.

6. Chocolate Pretzel Thins - Okay, anyone else addicted to these?!? I can put a half a bag away without even noticing!! These are soooo good! If you haven't tried, you need to get these on your next trip.

7. Yakisoba Noodles - These are my go to lunch on a busy day. I will often add left over chicken or leftover salmon to the bowl. It is nice to have a quick option to throw in the microwave - especially one that tastes this good!

8. Freeze Dried Fruit - These are a MUST for kids!! They are freeze dried, so melt much easier in kids' mouths (compared to dehydrated fruit which can be really chewy). These are such a healthier alternative to other snack packs (think fruit snacks or cheezit bags) and still have that convenience of being able to throw and store easily in the diaper bag.

9. Rotisserie Chicken - The rotisserie chickens are a must when we stop at Costco. They also have the pulled white meat available in a vacuum sealed bag. I will use this throughout the week on salads or even in dishes if I don't have time to cook chicken breasts.

10. Multigrain Chips - I love these plain or with dips, salsa, or hummus. I feel like I am being a little more healthy since they are multigrain :) A giant bag at Costco is actually cheaper than the smaller size at our local organic grocery store!!

What are your current favorite Costco finds?!?
xo, Brooke



  1. Thank you for these posts! Seriously! I had no idea about the frozen salmon or the freeze dried fruit - so trying them!

    1. Glad you found something new!! I think everyone needs to go to costco with a friend and see everything each other buy!! Until then we can share them here ;)

  2. Ooo I love their Salmon but haven't tried their quinoa packets or freeze dried fruits. I'll have to add these to my list! :)

    Erica @realfoodfixes

    1. Let me know what you think!! Both of those are staples here :)


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