Easy Summer Dessert

We had Aaron's family over this past weekend to celebrate his birthday. I planned on serving birthday cake later in the evening, so I wanted a light dessert to serve after our meal. I made these easy kabobs and was so happy with how they turned out! They are so easy, that they barely require any sort of instruction...but throwing it out there for an easy, quick dessert idea!

What you will need:
6" Bamboo Knot Skewers
Fresh Berries - approx 2 cups
2 bars white chocolate

-Slice larger strawberries in two. Add fruit to skewers. Place on platter.

-Heat chocolate in microwave for approx 1 minute - stir half way. You may need an additional 30sec or so depending on your microwave. Be careful not to over heat!

-Drizzle chocolate onto fruit. I did spoon chocolate into a baggy and cut off the tip to give a more uniform drizzle.

-Place platter in fridge for at least 30min. Serve chilled.

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