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Well, the final couple days of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I always get a little bit of anxiety as it ends ;) because I get this fear that I missed some great item on the sale, or I will regret not getting something! It is so crazy how marked down all these new items are and it really is a good time to buy. I snagged a couple more things and am sharing my top picks of what is left on the sale. I ordered this denim shirt - which really is a closet staple and I know I will get a ton of wear out of year round. I adore these lace up flats - and they come in 5 colors!! I also go this blouse and this tunic - both which will be easy to throw on with jeans and dress up or down. These jeans have been restocked and they are amazing - my favorite jeans right now! I have worn these earrings non-stop since getting them and have been surprised how well they go with almost anything. I also caved and ordered myself these cozy pajamas - I figure I deserve these at this low of a price ;) Anything else I am missing that I need to get?!?!

xo, Brooke


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