Staying Organized at Home

Happy Wednesday, friends! I have been working hard lately to stay more organized at home. As the kids get a little older, I am finding their schedules and activities increase exponentially (going to need tips from all you mommas with older kids!!!). Mix in Aaron's treatment schedules and my PT job, things get pretty busy (as do everyones lives!!). With the new school year, I tried a couple new tricks at home to keep me more on top of our schedules and to-do list. Sharing some of what has worked for us!

1. Shared Calendars - this is something we have used for a while. We love the app Fantastical. It allows you to share your calendar with others. The color coding soothes my OCD and I also love the ability to view it by the week. Aaron and I share this calendar on all of our devices. We color code ourselves, our kids, family events, trips, and reminders. While I have always been a paper calendar/organizer girl, this is extremely helpful when I am out and about and only need my phone to access our schedule. Now if it would only give Aaron some sort of shock or push alert to remind him to actually look at the calendar before committing to other things ;)

2. Paper Planner - I know, I have two calendars (remember, I have OCD and I am trying to stay more organized!). I use my paper planner for our to-do list. I need to physically write out my to-do list and then physically cross off the items. It also allows me to break down my to-do list to days (below). I will also pencil in the blog schedule and carpool rotation into this planner. It also allows me to sometimes visualize things in our schedule that may be months away.

3. To-do list - I feel like I have finally mastered creating our to-do list. Note that I did not say complete the list (insert eye-roll). On Sundays, I will sit down and create our to-do list for the week. I get easily overwhelmed by our weekly to-list and used to struggle with where to even start. I found myself putting off things I didn't want to do to the end of the week, and come Friday, I would decide that they could wait until Mon and so the vicious cycle goes. I started breaking our to-do list down to the day. I add one item to each day that I know I dread or have been putting off - not as bad when it is just one "bad item" ;) By breaking my list down to each day, I find it easier to prioritize as well as complete items on our list.

4. Run Early - Growing up, we always were running late (sorry Mom, it is true). I hated the stress of getting out the door and arriving places late, and I think it has scarred me and caused me to always try to run early. I have our clock in the kitchen set 5 minutes ahead of time and no one else in our family knows it. I feel like this sounds a little crazy, but it seems to work! I also keep my wristwatch 5 minutes ahead.

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Hope this gives you some tips on saying on top of things at home! Please send any tips you have for staying organized at home this way!!!

XO, Brooke


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