December Bucket List

Happy Monday! We are in full swing holiday mode around here! The house is decorated, we had our first snowfall, and have belted out our share of Christmas carols in the car. This is my favorite time of year and I cherish the opportunity to create memories and traditions with our family. There are so many things that I want to do and several things the kids have mentioned...I thought I would create a list of the fun things we want to do!

1. Visit Santa's Reindeer - we checked this one off this weekend. Our local nursery (Mulhalls for those of you in Omaha) has reindeer on display. Harper was so excited to see them! I also love strolling through the nursery and seeing all of the pretty displays and greenery.

2. Make gingerbread houses - I have learned from previous experience that it is best to buy the pre-made houses. All my kids want to do is decorate (and eat the candy) and become slightly impatient with constructing the house. We got our kits at Costco - but they do have some left on Amazon!

3. Make popcorn garland - This was Elle's request :) We have a "family tree" where we put all of our special ornaments and the popcorn garland will be a perfect addition!

4. Go for a horse drawn carriage ride - Aaron chose this one :) There are horse drawn carriages downtown. We are planning to make a night of it and go to dinner and then for a carriage ride.

5. Holiday baking - The kids love to help bake. Aside from decorating our sugar cookies, I want to try some of my other recipes I haven't made in a couple years - like my favorite peanut butter balls!

6. Go sledding - This was Hudson's request. I am guilty of not loving to go out and play in the snow with the kids. I dislike being cold, but want to get bundled up and head out there with them to do some real sledding!

7. Visit Santa - This is a gimme :) We had our first crying experience with Santa last year - Harper was terrified! I am hoping this year goes a little better!

8. Tour Christmas lights - This is one of my favorites! We put some cocoa in our sippy cups and drive around listening to Christmas music and taking in all of the beautiful lights!

9. Breakfast with Santa - This was one of my picks! In addition to going to visit Santa, I wanted to go to a fun Christmas breakfast. We are going to one that has Santa and Mrs.Claus visit and fun crafts for the kids.

10. Watch lots and lots of Christmas movies - There is nothing better on a Sunday afternoon, to cuddle up with a movie! Hope this gets you in the mood for some festive family activities!! XO, Brooke

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