Kids Gift Guide

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1 - These cute little trucks make a great stocking stuffer. My kids love using these in the water or sand.

2 - I LOVE this toy. It seems pretty basic - the wheels spin down the pole. But it is kind of mesmerizing to watch and it is fun to see them be able to finally get the wheels on the pole.

3 - This is my favorite little tool box. It plays music and has sounds and a lot of moving parts. Harper is now becoming able to fit the shapes into the little slots and loves to dance to the music :)

4 - This is just the cutest little purse. I like the size of the inserts for a toddler as well as the wide opening of the tote style purse.

5 - Our family ADORES these WOW toys. They are a smaller size and have the cutest little sets. The people fit into little openings in the cars and various accessories. All 3 kids love these - I plan to add more to our collection this Christmas!

6 - Every house should have a little trampoline - especially in the winter! Harper is just learning how to actually jump (after about a year of simply bouncing). The other two now like to do various trick jumps ;)

7 - Our tunnel serves a lot of purposes at home. Harper simply likes to use it for its intended purpose - to crawl through. The older two have turned it into everything from a secret hide out to connecting it between forts.

8 - In addition to the trampoline - every house needs a toy kitchen. This is our most played with large toy we own. I love watching the kids play "chefs" or house. This Kidcraft kitchen is one of the cutest and most reasonably priced I have seen.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

1 - Magna-tiles!!!! Our number one played with toy. This will entertain the kids for literally hours! This is also what every kid wants to play when they visit. Totally worth the investment and I would get 2 sets!!

2 - These cute little note pads have magnets in them and allow kids to draw little pictures or write using a special pen. They are similar to Boogy boards and a fun, non-tech, way to keep them entertained. 

3 - This car track is another way to keep the kids entertained for a while. We love designing the track - another item I would purchase 2 of! The little battery cars are fun and the track is easy enough for the kids to snap together themselves.

4 - We love the Micro scooters!! Both older kids started with the Micro-mini around age 3 and have now graduated to the Micro-Maxi. The 3 wheel design makes them much more easier (and safer) than 2 wheel scooters.

5 - Marble run is another fun way to keep them entertained. I usually have to help them assemble larger runs, but they are slowly figuring out how to create smaller ones. Harper is mesmerized by the marbles running through and gets so excited to put new ones in the top :)

6 - A tent is an essential item for any home. The kids love, love playing in theirs. It is great for a reading nook, playing house, or hiding out.

7 - The car mat is something all three continue to play with. I like these mats as they have a rubber backing - similar to a rug - and stay in place much better.

8 - Sleeping bags make great Christmas gifts. We use ours any time we have family movie night :)

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Big gift guide here today!! I struggled with what to add to the toddler and kid guides since there is SO MUCH. I narrowed them down to items that we have that are my kids' favorites and ones that all three have enjoyed. For the teen one, I envisioned what I would buy for my cute, younger cousin. Also, you will notice that over half of these are from Amazon - because I can't live without my Prime ;)

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