No-Sew Plaid Pillow Covers

When decorating our house for Christmas, I change out our accent pillows with holiday pillows. Most of my pillows have inserts and pillow covers - making changing out the pillow covers fairly easy. With plaid being all the rage this year, I wanted to update our holiday covers without having to spend the money to buy new covers. My inspiration here.

I have made pillow covers in the past using my sewing machine. They are actually one of the easiest things you can make with your machine! I wasn't, however, in the mood to lug the machine out, so I thought I would try the no-sew cover this time. I was very happy with how they turned out! While I wouldn't recommend using them in any pillow fights, I think they hold up almost as well as their sewn counterparts. I do think they took about the same amount of time as sewing the covers, so for future projects, it is a toss up for me as to which I would chose.
So if you are in the mood to update your holiday look and either don't have a sewing machine or have one and don't feel like using it,  read below!

What you will need:
Measuring Tape
Fabric - amount will be determined by how many pillows you are making
Pillow Inserts
Fabric Bonding Web (Stitch Witchery)
         ***Fabric Tape and Stitch Witchery are both things I keep stocked in my sewing basket - perfect for taping up hems or quick, easy fixes of tears or seam bursts.

Step 1. Measure and cut
Measure around your insert. When measuring your fabric, add 1 inch to each side around the border to allow room for your fabric tape. Cut two sides for each pillow.

Step 2. Apply Stitch Witchery/Fabric Bonding Web
This is the "tape" that will require ironing both sides to activate it and create the bond. You will first apply the web to one side. If your fabric has a front and back, you will apply the web to the front (or outside of the insert) - your back (or inside) will face down. You will lay the first side of the webbing down around three sides of your square. Apply it approx 1/2 inch from the edge of your fabric (remembering you added that one inch initially)

Following the time recommendations with the webbing, iron on your 3 sides.

After the webbing has cooled, slowly peel off the paper backing.

Step 3. Attach 2 sides
Place second square on top of your first. You will place the front (outside of the cover) face down onto the first cover. The webbing will be in between the two sides. Following the timing directions on the webbing, iron around the edges. This heat will seal the two sides together. You will now have an inside out insert with one side open.

Step 4. Iron and prep for finish
Turn your pillow insert inside out - which is actually now the correct way and iron it flat. You will have the unfinished edges of the fabric at the opening. Fold these edges inward approx 6 inches. 

Iron these unfinished edges flat to create a smooth edge that appears similar to your other sides (it is just lacking the adhesive at this time).

Step 4. Insert Pillow

Step 5. Attach Fabric Tape
Fabric tape is a non-permanent fabric adhesive. Using this no the final seam is not only easier, it also allows you to get your pillow out of the insert without destroying the cover. This tape is similar to the webbing in that it will adhere on both sides. It different in that it is a tape and does not require activation from the iron to adhere. Measure out your appropriate size. Remove backing on one side -I usually remove 1/4th length at a time. Slowly place it on the bottom lip of your fold you created on the open end of the pillow. 

Peel off back of fabric tape exposing sticky back. Slowly press down the top lip onto the bottom and secure 2 sides together. This will close your pillow insert!

Again, I wouldn't recommend using these in a "high traffic" area, they will hold up very well with casual use. They are an easy way to give your throw pillows an updated look around the holiday season!!

XO, Brooke


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