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I have gotten so many questions on how I style my hair and which products I use, and I am so excited to finally be sharing a tutorial with all of you! Like most, I don't love having to do my hair (so. much. time) and try to really stretch my time between washes/styles. I usually am able to get ~3 days out of style (4 if I go with a greasy top knot!) and style my hair 2 times per week depending on what we have going on. This is of course figuring in product (read lots of dry shampoo) use to help stretch those days!!

I begin with using a leave in conditioner. I did not know what I was missing until I started using a leave in conditioner! I have curly hair, which can be dry and difficult to brush. The leave in conditioner not only helps remove tangles, it also helps tame frizz. And yes, I still use a wash-out conditioner in the shower.

I have to use a paddle brush to comb my hair. I know this is probably wrong and I should be using a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage, but I love the feel of it all being brushed out smooth! After brushing my hair, I apply a small amount of argon oil prior to drying - this REALLY helps control my frizz (and smells so good)!

I begin drying with my dryer and no attachment. I try to dry with my hair upside down and with exaggerated parts to help create lift. After drying my hair about 3/4ths dry, I then begin using my round brush. I also attach the nozzle attachment to the dryer at this point.

After blow drying, I will add an additional small amount of argon oil to help tame frizz and fly-aways.

I have tried so many different curling irons...this is by far my favorite! It heats up quickly and can be set to a high heat. Random mom tip - I always put my curling iron and cord in the sink (obv careful to never turn on the sink). This helps prevent kids from pulling down on the cord or grabbing the curling iron - because Lord knows they are always at our feet while we get ready!

I curl my hair in layers. To begin, I leave a bottom section of my hair down and pin 2/3rds of the crown on top. I curl the bottom first. I grab a small section of hair and smooth between my fingers.

I pull the curling iron down my hair (to help smooth like a flat iron) and leave a 1 inch section out of the curling iron.

I wrap my hair all the way up to my scalp leaving that 1 inch at the end out of the curler.

I slowly unwrap the curl as to create a ringlet - careful not to pull too hard and stretch the curl. As I approach that last 1 inch that was left out, I use the iron to pull down on this section and smooth it out (again, think flat iron action).

Repeat creating ringlets. Note, the less hair you use in each curled section, the tighter your curls will be. I tend to use larger sections when I want a more casual "blown-out" look.

Another example of the final inch of hair being pulled through. I don't want this section curled with the remainder of the ringlet as this is the look I am going for (see finished look below). If you wrap that final inch or twist it when you pull it through, you will have a more curled bottom.

Lower layer of hair is finished.

Pull out another section of hair from top pinned section. I leave the final third on top pinned.

For this section of hair, I add some booster to my roots to give lift and help hold. My FAVORITE product is Texturiza from Unite. Not only does this product create texture and lift, it also has some hold to it and acts as a soft hair spray. I use this daily to refresh my roots in addition to dry shampoo.
I then repeat the same curling action around - spraying the Texturiza under each section of hair I curl.

Second layer complete.

I remove the top layer from the pin on top and proceed to curl the final section. Here I do a side part, but will sometimes do a middle part to change things up :) I repeat with the Texturiza and curling small sections.

Top layer complete. This is the finished curled product - ringlets with semi-straight ends. I then separate out the curls by brushing them with my fingers.

I then begin breaking up the curls. I do this two different ways depending on the look I want. For a curlier look, I pull apart the curls and try to avoid combing all the way through them with my fingers.

Finished product - loose curls!

If I want larger curls with more of a "blow-out" look, I will comb through the curls several times with my fingers.

Finished product - loose waves!

I finish off the look with a little hairspray. The Unite 365 hairspray has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to select your hold level.

I will scrunch my curls a little to give them some lift.

Final look!

Like I said, I try to minimize the number of times per week that I style my hair. After styling my hair like this, I will add Texturiza and a little dry shampoo on day 2. Day three is mostly dry shampoo with an updo.

Let me know if you have any questions!! I always love hearing from so many of you :)

XO, Brooke

PS - shout out to my amazing hairstylist Kirby!


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