Men's Valentines Gifts Under $50

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Anyone else scrambling for a Valentine's gift for their guy?? I hadn't really thought about getting Aaron a gift - I kind of considered our trip our Valentines gift ;) He casually mentioned getting me a gift today, so now I am rushing to find him a gift. Since we did just have our big trip, I am trying to keep his gift under $50. Sharing my favorite finds here today. Best part, all of these will be here by Valentine's Day!!! So all of you in that last minute crunch like me still have time to shop from your couch ;)  I think I am going with this Apple Watch Case - he mentioned needing something like this when packing for our trip. If your guy does not have a Yeti yet, I would definitely recommend one of these - these are the only cups Aaron will drink out of. I also think this bottle opener is super cute! 
Have a great weekend!
XO, Brooke


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  1. I'm not planning on getting gifts, but I most say the cork map is really cool ๐Ÿ‘Œ



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