Valentine Gift Ideas for Kids

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How is it already February?! Valentines Day will be here quickly, and I was searching for some Valentine gift ideas for the kids while we were at the airport. Do you get your kids gifts for Valentine's Day? We usually do something small with a little bit of candy thrown in :) Sharing some fun gift ideas for kids today!

XO, Brooke

1 - In My Heart Book - I got this book for Elle last year for her birthday and it has become one of our favorites and helps us talk about different feelings. 

2 - Heart Plates - The kids love breaking out different plates for different holidays. These cute plastic plates are dishwasher safe and only $7!

3 - Heart Crayons - We got these for the kids last year and they were a hit!!

4 - Heart Art - This nail art comes in several different shapes and colors - I think older kids would love these!

5 - Bath Bombs - Aaron got me some for Valentine's Day last year, and we used one in the kids bath recently and they thought it was the coolest thing! They are natural and organic and Harper's sensitive skin has tolerated it!

6 - Hungry Caterpillar Love Book - I ordered this for the kids this year! I haven't read it, but it gets great reviews, and it is the Hungry Caterpillar, so it is bound to be good :)

7 - Water Bottle - Our kids are always in need of new water bottles. Love all the cute prints on these!

8 - Emoji Cup - I find this cup hilarious! And I know my kids will love it. Bonus, it is a Tervis Tumbler :)

9 - Elephant Puzzle - Harper is super into puzzles right now, so I ordered this one for her. I love that it is different than most of the ones she has.

10 & 11 - Shark & Mermaid Blankets - These are all the rage right now! We got the kids these for Christmas and they are their favorites!! Not only do they lay in them, but also play mermaid and shark in them ;) 

12 - Cookie Set - I love this little cookie set and the kids seem to never tire of it. A Melissa and Doug must have :)


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