Our Exciting News!

Finally sharing our exciting news with all of you!! We are moving!! 

^^Old house

^^New house!!

I am so happy to finally be sharing the news! We are staying in Omaha...just moving closer to school/work/activities. We had been casually looking for our "forever home" over the last couple years and we found it!

We built our current home over 10 years ago...back when we were babies. So much has happened in that home...and I know I will be pretty emotional to say goodbye to it when the time comes. We also have the best group of neighbors you could hope for and we will be really sad to leave the area. We were very fortunate to have our current house sell the first day we listed! Not having to keep the house ready for showings was a huge relief!!

We chose to move to have some more space and have a home we knew we would be in long term. This new home gives us and the kids a lot of space to spread out now as well as once they are older. With Aaron's health always being a concern, we knew we wanted to move sooner rather than later. It also is fun to have this exciting thing to look forward to and get us through the treatment weeks. It is amazing how, the more I am in it, the more and more it feels like the house we were meant to have! Having built in the past, I wasn't sure how I would feel about moving into a home in which we didn't plan out the layout...but it works perfectly for us.

The new house needs some cosmetic work to make it feel more like ours (starting with the outside paint color!!). I am excited to share our "before and afters" along the way as we update the home. The work starts as soon as we move in!

So, like everyone, I have my hands a little full at the moment...juggling the kids + Aaron's treatment and now adding packing/moving on top. I think I operate better under pressure ;) I may be a little more absent on Insta and the blog here during the move, but get ready for some over-sharing once the reno starts!!

As always, thanks for following along. We are excited to share this new adventure!
XO, Brooke


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