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Hello! It is an exciting week at our house...a lot of the final items in our remodel will be completed!! I am finally getting around to sharing what we are all doing in terms of updates in the new house.

What we have done
Paint - We pretty much painted every square inch of this house! Paint color is such a personal choice and the house had very dark colors. We painted the interior walls, ceilings, exterior, and cabinets. The cabinetry throughout the house was a honey colored maple. Luckly, the cabinets were a nice, shaker-style, so we were able to keep them all and have them painted for a fresh, updated look.

Flooring - The main floor was all slate, so we tore this out and are replacing it with hardwood floors. The slate was ripped out one of the first days in the house and the wood started to be installed shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the wood was defective and a new floor had to be ordered in...which added another 5 weeks on. So we are surviving on a new subfloor (that was installed over the old subfloor) and beautiful, custom, carpet squares our flooring guy graciously placed down for us ;) The carpet squares are killing me (I have to vacuum our kitchen) and having the subfloor really makes it feel like a construction zone. The great news is the wood was delivered last week for the floors and they will be installed the end of this week!!

Kitchen - The kitchen had an oddly shaped, built in seating area in the island. We tore this out and had the island reshaped to create one large island. The original granite was a dark brown, so we tore this out. There were several delays due to various reasons, and we have gone without counters for almost 2 months... We tried to get by with placing drywall over areas to create some counter space...but it was less than ideal. Our new, quartz counters are being installed today and I am sooooo excited to see them!! In addition to the counters, we are adding and changing the light fixtures in the kitchen as well as changing out the backsplash (this too was slate!).

What is left
As with most houses, I feel like we will always have a project we want to work on. But for our big remodel, we are nearing the finish line. Counters today, wood floors the end of the week, and hopefully backsplash next week. Exterior paint was finished last week. Our kitchen and dining furniture won't arrive until beginning of August. I have light fixtures that need to be hung (hoping my Dad will help with that this weekend!).

Sharing soon!
I plan to do a room by room tour of our new home! I will share before and afters as well as the details on what we chose. I have loved this design process and am so excited to share how it has all turned out. Stay tuned!!

XO, Brooke


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