Nordstrom Sale 2017 Prep

The week is here!!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access starts on Thursday!! This is one of my favorite times of the year to shop (aside from Christmas) and when I buy most of our family's clothes. I have already started prepping for the sale and wanted to share some tips for navigating the sale as well as what I usually buy!

Navigating the Sale

  • Get the card - As you likely know, items sell out FAST!! Shopping the Early Access days are very important. You must have a Nordstrom card to do this. 

  • Buy it - Again, so much sells out the first couple days. If you think you like it, buy it. You can always return it if you end up not liking it. Nordstrom makes returns so easy!

  • Shop Women first - Women's items are the first things to sell out. You have a great excuse to shop for you first! Then move on to kids, home, and men. 

What I Buy
You can see what I bought last year here.
  • Clothes - Obviously! I tend to buy a lot of tops, cardigans, and sweaters. This is when I buy most of my fall/winter wardrobe. I may buy a coat and a cape - I got my favorite coat on this sale a couple years ago!
  • Boots - This is always a great time to snag a pair of booties, OTK boots, or weather boots as you will see a lot of these on the sale. 
  • Makeup - I will always grab a new neutral eyeshadow palate as well as some highlighter/bronzer shadow. There are so many good deals on beauty.
  • Kids coats & shoes - This is the best time to buy the kids' winter coats and school tennis shoes. You can get great prices on name brand items for them that I may not usually splurge on.
  • For Him - I will grab Aaron some dress shirts as well as a pair of tennis shoes and dress shoes. Surprisingly, it is a great time to buy socks and ties for him too!
  • Home - This will be a big one for me this year with the new house!

Check back here Thursday as well as the rest of the week and month! I will be sharing a lot of my favorites as well as what I bought!


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