Fall Reading List

Aside from beach side reading on a vacation, nothing tops curling up with a good book on a cool fall day. I have always been a big reader and tend to read several books per month. Reading before bed is my favorite way to unwind and escape. 
I read on my iPad using the Kindle app. To avoid it from being too bright on my eyes, I switch the paper color on the kindle to black with white letters and decrease the brightness of my app to the lowest setting. 
My friends and I are always trading off good book suggestions and I thought I would begin sharing those books I have read here. In the Fall, I am in the mood for a good novel or historical fiction - compared to summer/vaca reading where I want more of a quick/thrill read. To start off our Fall Reading List, I have compiled a list of 5 of my most recent books that were great reads.  You may notice a theme - I was on a bit of a WWI/WWII kick ;) I promise these reads are engaging, eye-opening, and soooo worth the read!

1. Lilac Girls - This book follows the separate lives of 3 young women during World War II. One is an American socialite, one a Polish teenager, and the third a new doctor - all three who's lives are changed by the war. It follows them during the war and after as their paths cross and justice is sought. Reading this was disturbing at times knowing that people actually went through these horrendous crimes. 

2. The Alice Network - This book is set during the aftermath of WWII. Charlie St.Claire is a young socialite who is searching for her cousin, Rose, who was lost during the war. Charlie meets Eve - an unlikely spy in the war. They journey across Europe searching for Rose while unveiling the incredible story of a network of female spies during WWI. This book was a little more of a page turner for me than Lilac girls. If you liked Lilac girls, you will love Alice Network!

3. Beneath a Scarlet Sky - Based on the life of a young Italian man, Pino Lella. He becomes a spy for a network of local spies as he works his way up the ranks and becomes a driver to one of the most powerful Nazis in Italy. The story follows Pino through the war as he tries to save his family and his love. This book was a little slower read for me. I usually prefer female protagonist, but I really enjoyed the story of Pino and his brave efforts - especially knowing it is based on a true story.

4. The Secret Wife - This is a great historical fiction that starts at present day. A young wife from Britain flees to her late grandfather's cabin in upstate New York following the discovery of her husband's affair. While there she discovers an incredible secret her grandfather kept. Parallel to this story is the story of the Romanov family's uncertain future and their daughter's love and possible escape. I loved this book. It was a page turner and I loved the idea of a possible Romanov survivor. After finishing it, I read more on the Romanov family I was so into it!

5. The Nightingale - If you haven't read the Nightingale, you need to add this to the top of your list. I have actually read it twice. It is the story of two sisters who are very different. When one's husband goes to war, the other travels from the city to the country to help her sister. The story follows them through WWII as they struggle to survive. The bond these sisters share carries them through the horrors and uncertainty of war.

I am excited to share this new section with you! I will try to narrow down my favorite books I read and I would love to hear recommendations from you to!



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