Dinner Party With Friends

We had a very fun dinner party with some of our best friends last weekend, and I am so excited to share some of the details today! I love entertaining in our home, but since having kids, we really haven't had many opportunities to entertain adults only. Aaron's parents offered to take the kids overnight last weekend, so we jumped at the opportunity to have our friends over for a fun night! Plus it gave me a reason to break in the new dining room!

We decided to have a fall dinner with good wine, great food, warm colors. Setting the tables and pulling out my entertaining dishes is one of my favorite parts. I got the most beautiful flowers from Bouquet Omaha. The stunning fall arrangement really set the stage for my table. If you plan on entertaining this Thanksgiving (or anytime this holiday season), consider getting a floral arrangement - it adds such a beautiful touch to your table details. Bouquet Omaha has the most beautiful and unique arrangements - I plan on taking one to my mom for her Thanksgiving table!

Catering the dinner was a no-brainer - saves me time and sanity! The catering was done by one of our favorite Omaha restaurants, Dante Pizzeria. Aaron would go to Dante every time we went out to eat if he could ;) Not only do they have the best Neapolitan pizza, they also have the most delicious, rustic Italian food. The food at Dante Pizzeria is sourced locally -the farm-to-table concept is one that has really taken off and I love that it results in seasonal menus. Chef Strawhecker does an incredible job creating an ingredient-driven dishes that are AMAZING. 

Having the dinner catered allowed me to have more fun to relax and enjoy time with my friends rather than scrambling around the kitchen. We all ended up drinking too much wine and eating way too much - the perfect kind of night!! I am so grateful for wonderful friends to share wonderful times with!
XO, Brooke


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