Top 10 Cyber Monday Purchases

1. JCrew Coat - this is the best day of the year to buy one of JCrew's coats. They will almost all sell out before Christmas. Today's price is the lowest of the year. I ordered this one and it is already out of stock in my color - so glad I got it. I love this puffer and also this classic jacket. You really cannot go wrong with any of their winter coats!!

2. Ugg Slippers - one of the best gifts to give/get and something you can use new every year. Nordstroms has several pairs on their Cyber Monday sale. Ugg also has several cute slippers on clearance today along with boots - like these adorable ones. Zappos has a lot of slippers marked down today too - I love these.

3. Emily Ley Planner - I am so excited about these! I have been wanting to try one and they are marked down 30% today! You know I love my shared iPhone calendar, but this will be nice for to-do lists, blog stuff, meal planning, and other things I like writing out in detail vs typing. I bought this one.

4. Toys at Target - I tried to get most of the kids' toys online at Target today. Some of them did sell out while sitting in my cart :(  I did price compare to Amazon - a lot were similarly priced, but I had several that were lower at Target.

5. Insta Pot - I finally jumped on the bandwagon. I am excited to see what the fuss is all about and if I can really cook frozen chicken breasts in 30 minutes. If you are looking for an Insta-Pot, today is the day to buy one. Amazon has it on sale as does Target (extra 15% off) and BedBath & Beyond.

6. Holiday Cards - today is the day to get your best deal if you are order your cards online! See our cards here.

7. Holiday Clothing - I did buy several kids's outfits today - mostly things they will wear around the holidays. Gap is offering 50% off, Janie & Jack is 35% off, & Crew Cuts is 40% plus extra 10% off. If you need to buy the kids' holiday outfits, today is the day.

8. Luxury Purse - Places like Tory Burch (30% off), Kate Spade (30% off), & Rebecca Minkoff (25% off) will all be offering their best prices of the year.

Keep an eye on all of these places...many will extend their offers into Tuesday and the rest of the week!


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