Christmas Tree Farm

Elle - Boots   Hudson - Boots   Harper - Boots

On our quest to experience all things Christmas before the big day arrives, we hit up a local Christmas Tree Farm. We have never gotten a live Christmas tree before and always used artificial. My poor, deprived kids (and myself!) have never experienced the fun of going to a farm and selecting your own tree. While we weren't in the market for a tree, we were looking for some outdoor fun while these beautiful temps lasted. 
I was surprised by how much fun we all had! Elle and Hudson had the most fun hiding and chasing between the trees. There were reindeer, hot chocolate, and a fun tractor ride. I loved seeing all the different types of trees. Luckily for Aaron, most of the taller trees had already been purchased...otherwise I may have been tempted to bring one home!
Although the air temps were warmer than usual, we still needed to bundle up and put on boots. We are all wearing our Kamik Boots. While I used to think of Kamik boots as your traditional snow boot, I have realized that they also have so many stylish options. Known for their quality, Kamik boots are a family owned company that produces some great boots. The kids LOVED their new winter boots and I was pretty excited about how cute they were in them ;) Now we just need some snow!
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