Gift Ideas for Parents

Gift ideas here for some of the hardest people on our list to buy for - our parents!! I always struggle with what to get our parents...especially our moms. Sharing some of the gifts I have gotten them in the past as well as ones that I am considering this year.

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Gift Guide for Moms

1 - A good book - one you have read and love is always a great idea. Check out my fall reading list here!

2 - Nest Candle - I LOVE the scent of these candles. They come in such beautiful jars and make perfect accent pieces in the home!

3 - Nora Fleming Platter & Charm - Nora Fleming pieces have always been a go-to for me and mom gifts. I have gotten both of our moms platters and charms - they are all interchangeable and make a great gift you can keep adding too. I just got my mom this cheese platter and I love seeing her use it at each holiday.

4 - Fur Stole Scarf - This fur stole is so cute and a great way to dress up any coat or sweater.

5 - Sweet Kate Spade Bangle with "heart of gold" engraved on the inside.

6 - Soft Pajamas - One of my mom's favorite gifts!!

7 - Makenzie-Childs tea kettle. The classic print is always a great gift!

8 - Ugg Slippers - you may see these on every gift guide I create, because who doesn't need new slippers every year?!?

one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine

Gift Guide for Dads

1 - Wireless headphones - My Dad loves these because they are also noise cancelling. 

2 - Classic Plaid Shirt - you can never go wrong with a classic shirt. This JCrew one has a little more updated fit.

3 - Nice Gloves - my Dad won't buy himself nice gloves, but he always needs them. These have been a favorite pair I have gotten him in the past.

4 - Shaving kit - this nice shaving kit is great for traveling!

5 - Pistachio tray - I think this tray is so cute and useful!! 

6 - Ugg Slippers - see above; everyone gets a pair of Ugg Slippers ;)

8 - Wine Dispenser - this is a cool aerator + pourer device. Aaron is obsessed with it and thinks our wine loving parents need too.

9 - Yeti Cooler - these are expensive coolers, but make a great group gift. They are all the rage for guys right now. It is crazy how long they will keep ice! Plus they are better looking than your usual cooler ;)

Hope these lists give you some great ideas!!
XO, Brooke


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