Labels for Everyday

Like all kids, mine frequently leave items wherever we go. A water bottle left here, coat left there, and my sanity left along with it... In hopes of cutting down on lost items and trying to keep things straight, we label almost everything that we take with us. It started with labeling Elle's bottles, blankets, and toys that were sent to daycare and now carries into labeling our coats, backpacks, water bottles and much, much more. We have used Name Bubbles for the past 8 years. I am amazed at the number of sippy cups that still have the original labels on them from Elle's first year! Name Bubbles comes in lots of different sizes and shapes as well as different types of stickers that allow you to attach to different types of fabrics. My initial order for each kid was the Baby Labels Pack.  I like this pack because it includes a good variety of different sized shapes and types of labels. Since adding labels to the kids' difficult to replace items, I have started to label some of Aaron and my things with a plain "Wegner" label. There are lots of different colors and themes to choose from. If you are looking for a way to keep your things a little less likely to get lost, check out Name Bubbles!!


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