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Our activities and commitments are back in full swing after the needed break over Christmas and New Years. Along with that means less downtime together. I am trying to be cognizant of keeping us all connected even with our busy schedules. One of the small, easy ways we try to show our love and thoughtfulness to each other when we are apart is to leave little sticky notes. I sneak sweet little notes using fun-shaped sticky notes in the kids' lunch boxes. It is funny how they get such a kick out of the littlest things - last week I drew an emoji on one and Hudson told me how he showed his whole class at lunch. :) 

Aaron has really gotten into leaving notes as well - and this, of course melts my heart! He sometimes leaves for work in the morning before the kids wake up. On those mornings, he will leave a special note for them. He will sometimes leave a riddle for them to figure out - these are their favorite kind of notes! He has been known to leave the occasional love note for me as well. ;)

While small, and simple, leaving these little notes help keep us connected during our busy days. I challenge you to try leaving little love notes for your family!
XO, Brooke


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