Aspirations for 2018

I hope you are all off to a wonderful start to 2018! I wanted to share some of my goals for the New Year with you - sometimes I think putting them out there helps keep you accountable and focused. I wanted to keep my goals simple this year as well as set ones that I can make a habit.


  • Simplify things - I can be a perfectionist at times, and this often leads me to being hard on myself or upset when things don't go exactly as planned. I really want to focus on the big things and let some of the little things go.  I want to let go of the little things that maybe don't matter (all the kids having matching swimwear, many silly things I try to do!), and really keep the focus on things that matter. 
  • Me time - I gave up a lot of me time in the past years with Aaron's illness and taking care of the babies. Now that the kids are getting a little older, it is easier for me to sneak a way for a mom's night, or manicure. My goal is to not feel guilty taking this me time!
  • Travel - We have really done a good job of making this a priority for our family. With the new house and renovation expenses, I want to make sure that we don't sacrifice this. We gave the kids a Disney Cruise for Christmas, and the other day Elle asked me if we could always do trips rather than lots of toys - it melted my heart that at this young age, she would rather have experiences with us :)


  • January goal - Some friends and I set a January goal to feel a little better after our holiday binge! We are drinking 64 oz of water per day, alcohol drinks once per week, eating mostly healthy foods, and no late night snacking. Sounds pretty easy, but I am struggling with the late night snacking already! Having a group of friends really helps with the support!!
  • Exercise 3 days per week - This is one of my biggest goals for this year. I have always been relatively petite, but there is a difference between being petite and being in shape. As I am getting older, I want to feel fit and toned. I hope to do a post on my workout regimens in the future! 
  • Have more energy - I have found that I have more energy when I exercise and eat better - so I hope that my first 2 health goals play into this one. I also am going to make a point of going to bed by 10pm - I am horrible at staying up way to late working on the blog and kid stuff. Aaron stays up late too - so I am setting this goal for both of us!


  • Prioritize time - I work as a pharmacist 2 days per week and when I am there, I am dedicated to that job. That leaves the rest of my time to dedicate to my family, friends, and other commitments. I want to make sure I use the time I dedicate to this blog wisely - it has always been such a fun hobby and I want to keep it that, rather than it feeling like a job.
  • Blog Re-design - I have been working hard on a new blog design and cannot wait to show you all it. I want to continue to bring new and fun content to the blog. I would love to hear from you on what you would like to see more of!

Sorry for the long post!! I would love to hear from you and what your goals are!
XO, Brooke

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