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As much as I try to shuffle some of our daily work to the office, the kitchen really is the main hub of the home and where I tend to do so much of my household work during the day. In addition to it being my main work area, now that we have a huge island, it has also become the place where the kids do their homework or art.

I keep a paper roll in the kitchen – I initially moved it there for the kids. They are constantly needing pieces of paper for their various art projects, spelling word practice, and beautiful drawings. It became so much easier to tear off a custom size piece of scrap paper for them to use – plus, the older two can tear off their own pieces of paper. I even started tearing off disposable placemats for them to have afternoon snacks on and doodle on while I make dinner!

I turn to the paper roll for myself as much as I do for them! I am constantly tearing off a piece of paper for my (never-ending) to-do list, our grocery list, the weekly meal plan, or quick reminder notes throughout the day. I like to think this all keeps me a little saner – certainly more organized!! My paper roll and holder can be found here & here – similar here.

How often are you reaching for a piece of paper during the day?! Try keeping one of these easy rolls out to make things easier for you and the kids!

XO, Brooke


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