Stripe Sweatshirt Dress + Coffee Club

Dress - similar here  //  Jacket  //  Shoes

Happy Friday, friends!! This fun sweatshirt dress was a fun, recent find. I adore anything stripped, so it was an obvious yes when I noticed how lightweight it was. It is a perfect, casual Spring dress and a layered denim jacket and slip on sneakers help complete the look! I wore it last weekend and you will probably see me in it again this weekend! 

Coffee Club - I am up way too late tonight working on blog stuff, so my apologies, this week's coffee club is going to be short and sweet. But keep those questions coming - I love to hear from all of you!

1. Jeff Lewis Event - This story got a lot of love from you guys! I have a lot of fellow Jeff Lewis fans!! I am going to a fundraiser here in Omaha that he will be a guest speaker at. If you are interested in joining me, you can get ticket info here. I am going to a patron party the night before and I will have the chance to meet him. I am a total fan girl and can see myself making a total fool of myself...

2. Easter - How is Easter next weekend?!? It has totally snuck up on me. The good news is I hear the Easter Bunny has Amazon Prime too... A lot of you have asked for kids gift ideas - I will share some easy (Prime!) ones next week!

3. Puppies - We have an almost 12 year old dog, Mattie. Mattie was our baby before we had babies. She is somehow still with us despite being run over by Aaron's SUV 4 years ago...separate story for another day ;) The kids ADORE Mattie - if you see my stories, you know that Harper is obsessed with her. I know the time is coming where we are going to have to say goodbye to Mattie - and I dread that day for the kids. Aaron really wants to get them another puppy before she is gone...I kind of want to wait and get one after.....thoughts?!?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!
XO, Brooke


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