Casual Spring Look + Coffee Club

Me: Jeans  //  T-shirt  //  Earrings  //  Slides  //  Purse - similar here
Girls: Dress - similar here  //  slides - similar here

Happy Friday! We are due for snow today and I am dreading it! This whole weekend looks kind of gloomy and I am trying to not let it put a damper on the weekend! When it is cold and gloomy, my motivation level plummets and I just want to cuddle on the couch and watch movies ;) We did have a nice day last week and the girls and I were able to sneak in a quick coffee and cookies date. It was nice enough to break out our slides and ditch the coats!
I am sharing another round of coffee club today and answering your top questions from the past couple weeks!

1. Chick Update - You all love those baby chicks as much as my kids do ;)  We had the baby chicks for almost 2 weeks. We rented them from a local farm that provided the container, heater, and food. The kids ADORED them and their interest stayed strong the full 2 weeks. We did do some simple activities with them (weights, drawings, races) and they will miss having them at our home. I kept them in a basement storage room, but the mess still grossed me out and I struggled with the mess... But it was all worth it!

2. Baby feet - On my Insta stories, I posted that I was doing Baby Feet - an exfoliant foot peel. I had never tried it before and have heard people have had dramatic results from it. I made Aaron do it too. His started to crazy peel last night. I wasnt seeing much for results until today - and now they are shedding like crazy! I get regular pedicures with callous treatments, so I was thinking I wouldn't have as dramatic results, but I AM. Good thing it is going to be cold this weekend, because I wouldn't be able to wear sandals! You guys need to try this peel...SO crazy. And stay tuned, I will update you on how soft they are once the peeling is done!

3. Nail color - I get shellac on my nails and have to get them done about every 3 weeks. I am currently wearing OPI Bubblebath, but I usually wear OPI Lets Be Friends (Hello Kitty Line). When on vacation, or in the summer, I like to have white because it makes me look more tan (at least I think it does, ha!). 

4. White kitchen chairs with kids - you may have seen, I revealed my kitchen remodel earlier this week - see post here! A lot of you called me out for having white linen chairs with 3 young kids, and wanted to know if we ate at that table. Yes! We eat at it every evening for dinner. I have treated the chairs with a stain repellant, but my secret is covering them with beach towels every time we eat. No joke. I keep them piled on one chair and then pull them out with the placemats each night! It is worth it to have my pretty chairs ;)

5. What have you had done - After I shared that I was getting BBL on the age spot on my cheek, a lot of you wanted to know what other types of procedures I have had done. I will start working on a full post on this and have my mom help explain the different types of lasers, etc. I get HALO laser treatment once a year, BBL twice a year, and occasional BBL treatment on dark spots. I do get Botox injections in my forehead, but have yet to have any fillers - I am not ruling them out, just haven't needed them yet. I also use medical grade skin care products - my previous post on this is now a couple years old, so I will get to work on that as well!

I really appreciate all of you following along. Your comments, likes, and questions all motivate me to keep working hard at the blog!
Have a great weekend!
XO, Brooke


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