Welcome! I am Brooke Wegner. I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend as well as a planner, shopper, organizer, monogrammer, decorator and over-analyzer. I am obsessed with everything and want to share my obsessions and ideas with all of you!

First to introduce my family - since you will be hearing a lot about them as well. Aaron is my wonderful husband and I am so lucky to call him my partner. I was his blushing bride 10 years ago and life has been crazy/beautiful/scary/wonderful ever since. We have 3 heaven-sent babies. Baby 1 is our 5 year old daughter, Elle. She is the girliest of girls and basically me shrunken into a 5T dress with an Elsa crown on. She is the most caring and loving big sister and has the sweetest of hearts. Baby 2 is our 3 year old son, Hudson. Now picture the opposite of baby 1. He is my scabbed knee, broken arm, rough and tough bundle of love. He is my biggest cuddler and loves puppies. Baby 3 is our 6 month old daughter, Harper. She is our miracle baby who has been the best addition to our family I could ever have dreamed of. She is all smiles and her baby blues are enough to melt any heart. We also have a little black dog, Mattie, who was our fur baby before real babies and is now just our dog.

In my spare time, I love to decorate, shop, garden, drink coffee, and relax with a good book. I work part-time as a pharmacist and I never sleep. But I LOVE naps. And every day I pray for the miracle of 3 kids napping at the same time so I can take a nap too. I love holidays and anything themed and this love overflows into planning our parties and decorating for the seasons.

So what can you expect? Well, I plan to share lots... things I have learned as a mom of three, how I keep our life organized, how we have lived through a serious health problem, keeping our home organized, why I monogram EVERYTHING, meal planning, shopping and shopping and shopping (I grew up with 2 sisters and a mom who loves to shop), decorating our home, baby must-haves and staying organized with baby/kids... I am rambling a little, but I have lots and lots of ideas to share. So grab a coffee and subscribe to the blog. I think we will have lots of fun!!

PS - My sister is the incredible creator of Cella Jane...check out her awesome site too!


patty wright said...

Where do you sign up

Brooke Wegner said...

There is a spot on the right side of the page that allows you to enter your email address and follow by email :)

Deborah Caudill said...

I would also like to sign up and saw your comment above about signing up on the right side of the page. I cannot find it, so could you be more specific or sign me up? Thanks. I have checked the notify me box under the space for this comment.

Brooke Wegner said...

Hi Deborah! Sorry you are having a hard time locating it!! At this time, the subscribe option is only available when you are on a computer (not the mobile phone web version)...that may be why you are unable to see it. When on a computer, it is located on the right side bar under "follow by email". I am happy to add you if you send me your email address :) Thanks!!

Unknown said...

love both your site and Cella Jane's! Keep the good stuff coming!

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Hello, I am Brooke...wife + momma to 3! I love coffee, lists, and anything monogrammed. Here you will find fun things that inspire me and I hope you enjoy as well. Thanks for stopping by!! XO


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