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Top Kids Gifts

Sharing some kids gift ideas today! These are items that my kids either have or will be getting this year (shhh, dont tell!)

Build a Road Hudson got these interlocking roads with battery powered cars last year for his 3rd birthday. This has been a favorite for both kids and something that keeps them entertained. They love building long roads and my only complaint would be having to replace the batteries all the time when they forget to turn the cars off!

STEM Puzzle This is a gift Elle will be receiving this year. It is a cool puzzle that helps kids explore the concepts of gravity, inertia and technology.

Name Puzzle My kids LOVE their name puzzles. They also like putting each others together and helps them learn how to spell their siblings names as well as their own.

Kids Kindle Fire After much thought, we have decided to get the kids tablets this year. We found the Kids Kindle Fire to be the best price for what you receive. It also comes with a 2 year, no questions, replacement warranty!

Magna Tiles If I had to pick only one toy to have at our house for the rest of their childhood, this would be it. Seriously. My kids play with this on a daily basis. One day they will build castles, the next garages, and the next a space ship. It is a favorite for other kids who come to our house and I actually love to play this with them!

Stepper Getting these this year for both kids after they tried to create these out of foam cups

Boogie Board Elle and Hudson love their Boogie Boards. It is the updated version of those things we had as kids where you would write and then pull up the sheet of plastic to erase what you wrote

Micro Mini Scooter This is both kids favorite outdoor toy. I love the better balance they get with 3 wheels. The kids learn to steer by leaning into different sides of the scooter. They also have the Micro Maxi when they are ready for a bigger scooter.

Hope this gives you some ideas!!

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