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Family Resolutions

Family Resolutions

In welcoming in the New Year, we are sharing our family resolutions! While Aaron and I each have a couple for ourselves, we decided to talk to the kids about resolutions and setting goals. We were surprised how well the older two were able to understand! We discussed various goals and than prioritized our top 5. There were some pretty great resolutions that the kids had suggested, but ultimately were cut including: buy more Shopkins, watch more Paw Patrol, buy more gum…
Here is our list!

1. Enjoy our down time – This is a big one for me. Having the past 2 weeks at home with the kids takes me back to the days when the older two were babies and we had no commitments. We would spend our days at home with the occasional music class or trip to the Children’s Museum mixed in. But there was nowhere we had to be… I am realizing that with Elle in school and Hudson to join her next year, and the extra curricular activities picking up, that these days at home with nothing are really numbered. I want to cherish these times…stay in our PJs until noon and play board games…or just lounge and watch a movie. Aaron and I are both guilty of filling our schedules with lots of fun activities – and while this is great, I think that down time at home with just our family is just as, or more beneficial. So here is to cherishing that down time at home in 2017!

2. Prioritize our time – In helping us achieve resolution number 1, I want us to really prioritize our activities and commitments. I think we are all guilty of committing ourselves and our kids to too much – it is hard to say no! Because our time is so precious, I want to really focus on doing the things that are important to us and the kids. That means all of us making decisions. The kids can’t be in every sport and at 7 & 5 years, they don’t need to be. But this means sitting out on things their friends may be in – which is a hard decision, but again one I think is important for us. We all decided that we want to continue to fit in lots of family vacations with some of our time and we can’t wait to start planning them!

3. Enjoy Aaron’s health – We pray with all of our hearts that Aaron’s health continues into 2017. These breaks from treatment are so wonderful. It is crazy to think back to 2016 and the 8 months he had treatment…these breaks make me realize how much I hate treatment. But we acknowledge that re-starting treatment is something that may be in our future. So we want to cherish this healthy time and fill it full of wonderful family times!

4. Limit screen time – This applies to all 5 of us – but I think mostly Aaron and myself. We are both guilty of having our phones out all the time. I recently purchased an Apple Watch and, surprisingly, this has helped me keep my phone down throughout the day. Prior to the watch, I would carry my phone with me room to room so I didn’t miss a text or call – but having it with me would lead to checking Instagram or replying to emails. Now, I leave my phone in my bedroom and wear the watch. I can reply to texts and take calls, but Instagram and emails are a little more cumbersome with the watch and I don’t turn to it as much. Aaron tends to bring work home and wants to try to work on only replying to emails after the kids have gone to bed.

5. Exercise together – Working out is the quintessential New Year’s resolution – so my list wouldn’t be complete without it ,) I think it is important for the kids to see us working out and making physical activity a priority. Aaron works out with a trainer at a gym and I, well, am hot and cold on getting my workouts in. I started using an app called the 7 minute workout challenge. This has been a fun exercise for us all to do together in the evenings…especially in the winter when we are confined indoors. I would like to come up with some fun activities outdoors once the weather improves!

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