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Easy Kitchen Update
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Easy Kitchen Update

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Our room by room refresher continues As I have discussed before, after building our house 10 years ago (when brown was all the rage), it is starting to feel a little dated.but not dated enough where we need to gut it. So we are making small changes room by room. My kitchen has been my most recent area of over analyzing. If budget and sanity were not an issue, I would gut it and go all white (serious, some of the kitchens on Pinterest and Instagram kill me). But, both of those are issues. Plus, our maple cabinets are in great shape and in no need of replacing or re-finishing. So I have been looking for easy updates to make me feel like our kitchen is new
For kitchens, one of the easiest ways to get an updated look is to replace the hardware. We had round knobs on our cabinets and pulls on the drawers. Both were a distressed silver and had more of a traditional, dated feel. Getting rid of the knobs was highest on my list. My pulls were an odd sizethe spacing between the holes was 4 inches. I was limited to pulls this size as I could not change the holes that were all ready drilled into these cabinets (whereas the top cabinets I would be able to drill a second hole to whatever space needed). So having this specific size narrowed down my choices quite a bit.
Next, we picked out a finish color. While I am loving the gold trend right now, the dark cabinets and stainless appliances in our kitchen kept us tied to a silver finish. Black hardware is another pretty trend right now, however, I felt these would be too dark with our dark cabinets. We kept the brushed stainless look to match the other stainless in our kitchen.
For a style, we were looking for something that would give our cabinets more of a modern feel. The style of our cabinets are pretty traditional, so I wanted them to give them a little more of a contemporary feel. These long, silver, narrow, cylinder pulls fit the bill.
To drill holes in the upper cabinets, we created a template by tracing the holes on the new pulls onto a wooden scrap (a paint stir stick to be exact!) and then drilled holes to create a template. I then matched the first hole up with the existing and then drilled the second super easy!
I loved the finished product. It was such an easy and relatively inexpensive update for the kitchen. I do feel like it gave the kitchen more of a contemporary feel. If you are looking for an easy way to update your kitchen, consider simply changing out your hardware!
Now, do I keep or replace my backsplash?!? Opinions please!

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