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Easy Summer Hair Styles

Easy Summer Hair Styles

I always dread styling my hair but in the summer that dread is exponentially increased. I wish I was one of those lucky people who can shower and let their hair dry, but like most people, I have to blow mine out after each wash. After blowing my hair out, I try to make it last for a couple days and use different hairstyles to make it last. An essential to making my hair last, especially with the summer humidity, is dry shampoo.

I use Unite 7 Seconds Refresher dry shampoo (Available at Kontempo for my Omaha friends!). I have tried lots of drug store brands and always felt the left my hair looking dull or white where I sprayed the dry shampoo. This Unite spray doesnt create that same powdery feel that some of the others do. One important tip is to let the shampoo dry on your hair prior to brushing your hands through it. I use this spray every day after my blowout day and yes, go through almost a whole can a month!

One of my go-to styles in the summer are braids. My sides braided back has become my go to hair style for my day after my blow-out where I still have some curl left. I am always playing around with the sizes of the braids and how I pull them together whether tucked back with a bobby pin or pulled into a knot on top. No matter how I style it, I always stretch the braid to create the illusion that it is bigger and fuller than it really is.

Another go-to style, especially on hot days or when my hair is a little greasier, is a braid bun. You can do this many different ways, and I think mine looks different each time I style it depending on my part, braid size, or amount of hair braided.

I start with a regular dutch braid.

Again, stretching braid is key.

After twisting braids into a bun, secure with a couple bobby pins.

Finally, I love a good ponytail in the summer. Sometimes I find my ponytails hanging a little flat especially with the humidity. I recently found this amazing tool The Perky Pony. This tool has given my flat ponytails a lot more life!

Place your usual ponytail.

I do wrap my ponytail with a section of hair to create a more polished look.

Before, flat ponytail.

Lift a section of ponytail and place Perky Pony clip in. Spread hair over the clip.

Viola! A ponytail with quite a bit more volume! I do need to give a shout-out to my most used hairstyle in the summer, the topknot. I do love this easy hairstyle, but have been trying to branch out a little I also included some of my favorite hair inspirations I found on Pinterest below. What are some of your go-to summer hair styles?! XO, Brooke

(Source: Pinterest/flor via girl)

(Source: Pinterest/Byrdie Beauty)

(Source: Pinterest/Ana Carla Soares via Brit + Co)

(Source: Pinterest/Luxy Hair Blog)

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