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A Much Needed Break…

A Much Needed Break…

Hello friends! As you may have seen, we had the most amazing time on our recent trip to Mexico! I am working on a post to share all the fun details of that trip, but today I wanted to share an update on Aaron. I titled this post A Much Needed Break for a couple reasons. First, our trip to Mexico was such a great break from the daily grind. We completely checked out and got a lot of relaxation and fun packed into our trip. Second, Aarons break from chemo the past 4 months was so great. It got us back into a normal life and we were able to put his battle in the back of our minds for a while. It gave us both a chance to recharge mentally and physically. Just before our trip, Aaron had his follow-up scan and labs. See my last post for details on where we left off in brief, he had radiation to his affected nodes in hope that this would give him a longer break off chemo. And while we were given those great 4 months off chemo, we were saddened to hear that his cancer had returned to one lymph node in his abdomen. This unfortunately means restarting chemo. We are grateful that the affected area is so small. The cancer has always responded to his treatments, so we go into this with the same hope that the chemo will again work. He had his first treatment a couple weeks ago. The regimen is slightly different this time. He previously received treatments every 2 weeks and received all IV medications. This new regimenis an IV infusion once every 3 weeks followed by oral medications for the following 2 weeks. Aaron seemed to tolerate the treatment as well as he has the previous. The medications all have their different side effects. With the IV infusion, Aarons nerves become very sensitive to cold he cant drink or eat anything cold for about 4 days after his treatment and has to really bundle up when we have our cold winter temps. The oral medication makes him more tired and both cause him to be pretty nauseated the 3 days after treatment. All in all, he tolerates very well and is able to still function on a daily basis. I am so grateful that he does so well with his treatments. As I have said before, there is this odd comfort in chemo. While he is on it, I feel safe knowing it is keeping the cancer at bay. While he is off it, I have anxiety that the cancer is returning. This time around, we dont really have a set length of treatment. He will continue to receive this treatment until they feel it is time for a break or the cancer stops responding. Obviously we hope for a break because all of the cancer has disappeared after this treatment and that is not all that unreasonable of a hope given how small the affected area is. While we are so sad that he has to restart treatment, we continue to remain determined to live our lives to their fullest. We keep our schedules packed with fun things with family and friends and, other than the 3-4 days around treatment, feel pretty darn normal We have some exciting things coming up that I am excited to share with all of you as well as some fun trips in the works! Thank you all for your continued support!! XO, Brooke 

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