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5 Essential Vacation Items
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5 Essential Vacation Items

We jet off on another fun trip tomorrow, so I have started packing again. I am trying to ignore the fact that I literally just finished unpacking from the cruise. When packing, the same 5 things always end up in my suitcase. Sharing these travel must haves with you today!

1. Toiletry Bag Not to sound dramatic, but this travel bag is life changing. It has completely changed how I pack my cosmetics. I love the brush and pencil holder in the lid and the adjustable compartments in the base. This holds a lot and keeps all my small things so much more organized than putting them in a bag. And, it is only $17!!!!!!!

2. Packable Hat A good sunhat is essential on any trip, but packing them can be a PIA. No matter how you pack the hat in your suitcase, it is going to end up wrinkled and possibly smashed, A good, packable hat, makes this slightly easier. The wrinkles pull out easier, and the fibers dont split when smashed. I took this one on our last two trips, so it has survived 4 rides in a suitcase. I have been able to pull out the wrinkles and smooth it out each time. Note, you should purchase one that states it is packable!

3. Aviator Sunglasses Aviators are the easiest sunglasses to pack for a trip. They are small, light-weight, and can be worn with anything.

4. Comfy Slides I used to always bring cute flip flops. The updated version of the flip flop is the slide. There are SO many cute slides out there right now. This pair I got is SO comfortable and I love that I can wear them all summer long. I found a similar pair for only $25!!

5. R+F Self Tanner I am SO excited about this one! Everyone wants to be tan on vacation. I feel so much more confident in a swim suit when I am tan. I refuse to tan (and slather on the sunblock when in the sun!), so I will use self-tanners. My great friend, Betsy, introduced me to Rodan Fields Foaming Tanner. I used this before our trip and loved the results. I was so tan after one application! I applied it every other day on the trip being in the pool and ocean and then showering made me want to keep applying to keep the tan dark. I loved how easy it was to apply the foam. I did not use on my face, but used everywhere else! I did have a couple lines the first time I applied, but I got better each time. This self tanner definitely got me darker than others I have tried in the past.
***Betsy is running a special right now!! The first 5 people to place an order as one of her preferred R+F customers (new or existing), will receive a free self-tanner!!! Click here to place your order!!

Xo, Brooke

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