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Friday Coffee Club

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Hello friends! As I work to re-design the blog and tailor it’s content to what you (my amazing followers!!) want to see and hear from it, I am trying to incorporate new, on-going series that you can look forward to on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis! One new series I am starting is Coffee Club! This series will be featured every Friday and I hope to take this a couple directions. First I want to try to answer a lot of the top questions I am receiving from all of you – thank you and keep them coming! Second my coffee dates with my girlfriends are where we chat about all things – home, family, exciting news, annoyances, favorite finds, etc. So I thought I would extend that fun idea over here to the blog!

So here are the first 5 from BlushingMomma’s Coffee Club! Starting with 5 questions I have recently received: 1. Why did you start a blog? I started my blog 2.5 years ago as somewhere to share the fun things we were doing as a family as well as share my interests in home décor, style, and beauty. I have always gotten lots of questions on what products I use, or where I found a particular outfit, or about certain items in our home and I found that a blog was a great place to share these and express my creative side. I find the work so rewarding and I love meeting other mamas out there similar to me – trying to keep it all together and look semi-fashionable while doing it Bonus, the blog has helped me earn a little extra “fun money” on the side to support my shopping 2. Do you only promote things you get for free or are paid to promote? NO – I think this is a big misconception with bloggers. Most (good) bloggers, will tell you that they will only promote or share things that they genuinely like or use. I get many offers on a daily basis to promote products that I wouldn’t use or just aren’t my taste! I only share or promote items that I know and love and know that my followers will as well. That being said, as a blogger, I am exposed to many brands (often small, local businesses) that are trying to build their presence and I appreciate the opportunity to learn about these businesses and products – where I may have not had the opportunity to learn about them without the blog. So, rest assured, you won’t see any ingenuine product pushes from me! 3. Do you work? Yes! I work 2 days a week as a pharmacist at the Veterans Hospital in Omaha. I really enjoy my job and like the “break” it gives me from the daily home life. On the days I am home, I am a full-time mom and do not have help at home. I blog part-time at night and during nap time. I am thankful for the ability to schedule social and blog posts – otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do all 3! I often get asked if I will quit my job and blog full time – while the blog continues to grow and demand more of my time, I can’t foresee a future where I do not work my “real” job. I carry our health benefits (Aaron is self-employed – Husker Law for all you locals needing legal help!) and I genuinely like my job and the interactions there. 4. Does your husband have cancer? Yes Aaron has been battling colon cancer off and on for the past 5 years. This is something I have shared in bits on the blog. It is something that I struggle with how much to share on this platform. I hate talking about it, so there is that. I also want to respect Aaron and the kids’ privacy – and you won’t likely ever see anything about how they have dealt with or deal with this journey. When I started the blog, there was never the intention for his cancer battle to be the premise of the blog – but it is part of our everyday life and something that affects a lot of who we are and what we do. It can be kind of lonely going through something like this, and having the opportunity to connect with many other going thru similar situations as well as receive support from my wonderful following has made sharing things on here easier. It has also become a way for us to share information with friends and family that we may not see all the time or give them updates as often as we would like. For a brief, current update. His last scans and labs were good/stable. There is not any detectable cancer, but it usually reappears when he stops medication, so he is currently on chemo every 3 weeks. It is a very tolerable regimen – he goes in for a couple infusions on a Monday and then takes some oral chemo for 2 weeks and then has a week off. We will continue this regimen until it stops working. He tolerates it very well and I am so thankful for where he is now. I have learned to be grateful for the present and try not to worry too much about what comes next. 5. How do you meal plan? This has been my top question in January. My meal planning post is way overdue!! Yes, I meal plan and I will share a detailed post in February! Until then, here is an old post I did a couple years ago oin meal planning with some tips. Submit any questions you have on meal planning and I will be sure to include them in that post. You may have seen in my Instagram stories that I started using the InstaPot I know, I am late to the party. But I finally understand the hype! There has been a couple requests for a post on this, which I will get to work on I hope you have all enjoyed this coffee club! Keep those questions coming! Happy Weekend!!
XO, Brooke

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